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Moment gunman casually walks down street with fake pistol

por Dino Buckley (2020-06-27)

This is the dramatic moment a gunman casually walks down a street with a fake pistol before being shot by a police officer who said it was 'like staring death directly in the eyes'.  

CCTV footage released by prosecutors shows Andrejs Saveljevs, 35, from Boulevard, Hull, stumbling down the road after drinking a litre of Jack Daniels whisky.

He was then shot by an armed officer he had left fearing for his life.

Saveljevs was jailed on Friday after admitting possession of the imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

He was shot in the shoulder on December 15.

48582679301_e6910cf3dc_m.jpgHe survived, but only after 12 days of hospital treatment under armed guard.

The officer said he no choice but to shoot Saveljevs after he pulled out a large, black 'firearm' - later identified as a replica Airsoft pistol.