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Do you have to have the internet to make your laptop have the internet

por Miquel Minahan (2020-06-24)

Yes, internet is important to connect online. You couldn't connect to the internet if you don't have internet.

q=1210<strong>21953745<\/strong>31\' =What do you need to you make your only laptop wireless?
You can use an internet card, such as the AT&T 3G laptop internet connect card, or you can use an airport card that searches for Wi-Fi.

How do you hook up a wireless laptop?
Are you trying to hookup your laptop to a wireless connection? To do this, you will need a cable modem and a wireless router. Make sure that your laptop has wireless internet enabled.

Can you use internet on a gaming laptop?
yes,we can use internet on a gaming laptop.

Can you link up two laptop computers to on line wireless off one laptop and how?
yes you can. Depending on what Operating system you have, you have to go to internet options and make a new network. Make a ad-hoc network and allow other people to connect to the internet from this computer.

How do I use internet with a laptop but no other computer. Have a router and wireless card but internet only works when laptop is plugged in?
go into your router and make sure it has the wireless signal output enabled, if this is not the issue make sure your laptop is connected to the network and into the network and choose your connection for further help you can mesange me on AOL instant messanger, Chronicheals

How can you make city of heroes download faster on your mac laptop?
Get a faster internet connection lol

I have another old laptop that i want to connect to the internet without using a wireless router and my laptop does not have wireless connection to connect to the internet i really need help?
You have two options you can buy a usb adapter that your internet cable plugs into, or if your computer has pci slots they make internet cards that fit in your pci slot.

Where does the laptop internet card go in the laptop?
The "laptop internet card" also called a Network Interface Controller (NIC) goes on the bottom of the laptop where there is a slot for the card where there is a removable part on the laptop to get to the motherboard.

What are the disadvantages a laptop?
There is only one kind of disadvantages for a laptop if you do not have internet services you cannot get internet.

Does everything on the internet stay up when the laptop runs out of charge?
Your Laptop is not Part of the Internet, There are servers around the world which run the Internet.

Can you use internet on laptop by connecting Nokia Asha 200 with laptop via usb?
how use internet in laptop via nokia asha 200

Is still there an Internet connection after reformatting a laptop?
No. The hardware exists but has no drivers nor software to make it work.

How do you slave non internet laptop to internet capable laptop using cords?
buy ethernet cable

How to connect laptop to another laptop for internet?
No matter what, the answer is... YOU CAN'T.

How do you make The Sims 3 run faster?
You can get high speed Internet or delete some data on your computer or laptop

What does a Infared signaling device on a laptop do?
It is most likely used so your laptop can receive internet from a nearby internet router.

If you buy laptop with wireless enableed will it connect wireles router or does lap top need wifi?
If you have a router (connected to internet), and you get a laptop with wireless enabled you do not need anything else. You can connect your laptop to the router and have internet on your laptop.

If you have got a non wireless internet modem and you also have a laptop ha do you get internet on your laptop without plugging in?
You need to add a wireless access point to your wired internet.

How do I share internet connection through a router to a laptop connected to it by ethernet?
Adding detail to my question... I have a laptop that has full wifi, and another with no wifi, and it cannot use an adapter... Is there any way I can connect wirelessly to a spare router I have, as well as my internet enabled router (I have a USB WiFi adapter I could use to make 2 connections), and then connect the laptop with no wifi to the spare router via ethernet to get internet...

Can you use your laptop if your flying in an airplane will the laptops internet work if i have internet on it?
No. Even if a laptop has internet, it does not work while flying on an airplane, because there is no Wi-Fi on an airplane, or in the sky.

Can you use a WiFi sd card in your laptop for internet connection?
NO theres not a wifi sd card its a Internet Wireless conecter u can get an alltell one for wireless internet and YES it is for internet connection on ur laptop

How do you connect a laptop to the Internet?
To connect to the internet you need to first buy an internet connection. You must then plug your internet cable into a modem. Finally you must have connection to the modem from your laptop, most computers will automatically connect to the internet if the hardware is in place.

Need to download drivers on laptop but got no internet can you connect to PC and download them from that?
Connect a router lead from your internet box (if you have one) to your laptop.

What is the difference between laptop computer and a PDA?
You can access the internet on a laptop but not on a PDA.

Connect desktop to laptop Share laptop internet connection?
Question is not proper.

How did the Laptop work?
the job of the laptop is to let you bring the Internet with you any where you want to.

How do you run a PC and laptop on same internet?
WIFI can connect PC and laptop.

Internet on a laptop with a modem?
You can connect your laptop to the Internet with a cable modem, sure. You will need an Ethernet cable to do that. If you want wireless internet, you will need a cable modem, and a wireless router as well.

Can you use the Internet connection from your blackberry to use the Internet on your laptop?
No That is Not possible

What is a laptop wireless internet connection for?
A wireless Internet connection allows you to go on line with your laptop without having to be connected to the router with a cable. You can go sit outside in the garden and browse on the Internet.

How can you use your laptop away from your home?
If there is a signal for internet nearby, you can connect to it and ???????? your laptop will automatically detect if it is a newer brand of a laptop.

Can an individual laptop be tracked?
If you mean a laptop gets stolen and the thief starts using it, then no. Unless, there is special tracking software and service installed in that laptop. If you mean that a criminal uses their laptop on the internet and the police on the other end wants to know where that laptop is in the world, then yes. That laptop, when connected to the internet, will have a unique ip address for that session. That...

How do you download Instagram to your laptop?
To download Instagram to your laptop you need to do an internet search. Then click on one of the results to download the Instagram to your laptop.

Do you need wireless internet for a laptop?
No. But this depends if you wan't to go use the internet or not

How do you download internet games into your computer or laptop?
how to download game from internet to computer

How do you get internet service for a laptop without a home phone?
You can get broadband internet service or cellular internet service.

How do you download the internet to your USB flash drive then put the downloaded internet on your laptop?
You cannot download the Internet.

Is a laptop or a PSP better?
It depends but usually a laptop would be better This is completely dependent on what you want to use it for. A laptop would be better for things like internet browsing and processing applications, but the PSP has the laptop beat in gaming. The PSP also has an internet browser, but it is very limited in what it can do.

How do you make your laptop wireless if it needs an internet cord?
Today all laptops come with at least one wireless card. If you are using a cable you might want to get a wireless router, which will allow you to have internet wirelessly.

What does wireless high speed internet do?
Wireless high speed internet allows you to use your laptop without having it connected to the internet via a cable hook up. You can use your laptop anywhere in the house if you have wireless.

What are the advantages of buying a new laptop from a computer store over buying on on the internet?
The advantages of buying a new laptop from a computer store over buying one on the internet is that it is possible to try the laptop out and see what it looks like in person.

What is offline and online mode?
On line Mode - Is when your laptop is connected to the Internet which works Spotify. Offline Mode - Is when your laptop loses connection to the Internet which causes Spotify to not work.`

Why do you lose your internet when you try and get in to wow?
your internet signal might not be strong enough whenever you try to log in to the servers if your on a laptop. I'm not sure about a desktop as I play on a laptop.

If there is wifi does a laptop computer need anything else to connect to internet?
To connect to the internet via wifi you will need: A wifi enabled laptop/pc OR a wifi card/adapter. A wifi router/network with the internet connection connected to it. As long as your router is set-up correctly and your laptop is fairly new you shouldn't have any trouble connecting to the internet.

Why do we need Internet?
We need internet to do are work on and if you didn't have whats the point of using a computer/ laptop if there's no internet on it.

What is the purpose of a laptop modem?
The purpose of a laptop modem is to provide the signals needed to allow the laptop to be functional and have internet service. Laptop modems can be purchased in retail stores or online.

Can i access the internet through an xbox 360 and my laptop?
Yes you can(Xbox live and internet).

Does the MacBook 13 inch laptop have the internet?
The 13 inch MacBook can connect to the Internet.

What places have a internet connection not wireless just internet with a plug from the laptop?
My computer in my bedroom does

How do you put the downloaded internet from your USB flash drive to your laptop?
You cannot download the Internet.

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