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Tracy Grimshaw breaks her silence on travel boss slap remark

por Hassie Spriggs (2020-06-17)

Tracy Grimshaw has broken her silence after a travel boss said she needed 'a firm uppercut or good slap across the face', calling it a 'disturbing personal attack'. 

In a leaked recording, Jayson Westbury was heard making violent comments about the A Current Affair host for her reporting on the embattled industry's refund crisis.

Responding to the comments on her prorgramme on Wednesday night, the broadcaster said: 'Jayson Westbury had one job.

'As CEO of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents he was supposed to help them navigate the devastating effects of this COVID-19 pandemic and somehow address the scathing criticism from customers who now couldn't travel and couldn't get refunds.

'Instead, ???? he chose to shoot the messenger in a disturbing personal attack on me.' 

A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw (pictured) called Mr Westbury's remarks a 'disturbing personal attack'

The disgraced executive has since resigned as CEO of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA). 

In the recording, made during a disgruntled rant about how Ms Grimshaw's show was covering the industry's refund scandal, he said: 'I think that Tracy Grimshaw needs to be given a firm uppercut.

'Or a slap across the face, and I mean that virtually, of course, I wouldn't want to invoke any violence on anyone.'

Confronted with his words during an interview on the programme on Wednesday, he blamed it on being 'cranky' during a difficult time for the industry thanks to COVID-19. 

Upon hearing the recording, he told reporter Brady Halls that he 'unreservedly apologised' for the remarks.  

Shedding more light on what happened, Ms Grimshaw wrote a blog online, saying the interview had been booked before his comments had been leaked. 

Australian residents are seen being ushered towards buses to start their 14-day quarantine at Sydney airport on May 8 (pictured) with worldwide travel grinding to a halt

Jayson Westbury (pictured apologising on A Current Affair) has since resigned as chief executive of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents