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Headlights Ballast Worked/Fit Perfectly on 2009 Nissan Altima

por Melisa Strout (2020-06-17)

When my left xenon headlight went out it was properly diagnosed by the dealer as the failure of the ballast. Their estimate for part and labor was $1100. The labor portion was $135 per hr, about 3 hours. So they were charging $6-700 for the ballast. After checking several reviews it turns out that all dealers seem to wildly overcharge for this item. I purchased this one on website for a total of $90 after including a new Xenon bulb (just in case) and a bag of plastic setting clips. I took it to the dealer where it was installed for $209. The part did the job - so far at a savings of $800. This was a clear no brainer plus this arrived 8 day after the order. The only reason I didn’t give this 5 starts is because I’ve only had it a week. I will revise if there are any problems. Really a good purchase all the way around. So after 5 months, absolutely no problem. The ballast and the bulb are functioning perfectly. It’s really very best, i will buy again.
when 2019, June,I started having problems with one of the HID headlights on my other old car 2009 Nissan Altima. At first I thought it was a blown bulb. So, I replaced the HID bulbs but the problem persisted. As I investigated, I determined that the Ballast might be the cause of the problem. I took a chance and purchased the drop in replacement HID Ballast from Auto Parts.

The part arrived in a very prompt manner and it took me approximately 20 minutes to install (I knew exactly which screws to remove). To my SURPRISE this fixed my problem and the old headlight bulb even worked. This was a quality, drop-in replacement for the OEM HID ballast for my 2009 Nissan Altima.