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How to Categorize Your Live Chat Reps?

por Nona Phipps (2020-06-17)

The common concept about the responsibilities of live chat reps is that they provide an instant live chat support and lead customers to make a purchase. However, taking an in-depth view of their roles, you will get to know that they are allocated slightly different responsibilities. Once you have installed live chat software in your website, the next critical step is to build a team of live chat reps.

Live chat software only serves its purpose, when all the live chat reps perform their tasks in the right and efficient manner. Here is the detail of different roles of live chat agents. Sales Maker Every CSR has a goal in his mind for which he provides the live chat service. 'Sales Makers' are those, whose prime goal is to earn a sale in all the situations. However, it never means that they are going to use a forcing tone to convince customers to make a purchase instead of providing them assistance.

They would definitely not jump in to make a sale - rather they will provide assistance in way that it would ultimately lead a customer to purchase a product or service. Investigative This kind of live chat reps use an analytical approach while delivering live support service in UAE and other major business hubs of the world. You can say that investigative support reps are far sighted as they approach their customers with a deeper approach.

They want to probe in to the facts about a customer and his concerns. They investigate why a potential client has landed on your website and whether he want to purchase something or wants to get information. It could be deduced that investigative live chat reps are more concerned about knowing their customers because this will help them draw several other conclusions regarding the contemporary market approach and latest buying trends. Chatty This category of live chat reps is more expressive and livelier.

Although, their utmost purpose is to provide real time support to their clients, they keep all the dealings stress-free and more relaxing. They are relatively more likely to take the edge of emoticons during their live chat sessions. On the special shopping seasons or occasions, they are more active to give the festive feel to their website. Cordial This category of live chat agents are those, who keep the feelings above all. Therefore, they are assigned to deal customers' complaints and returns.

Having composed personalities, these reps usually handle tough customers because they can keep themselves calm and know how to handle their complaints and concerns. Using their skills and capabilities they can easily turn the customers' complaints into golden opportunities. To become a best live chat service provider, there is a great need to have a perfect team of live chat operators with their assigned roles. No doubt, the quality of your live chat software matters a lot, but you will not be able to make the most out it until you do not have efficient operators to handle it.

Whether you are providing live support service in UAE, US or other major business hubs, you need to have a strong team of live chat operators.

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