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Is the browser what conects you to the internet

por Cole Tran (2020-06-09)

No. An Internet company, such as AT&T, is what connects you to the Internet. A browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, lets youview web pages, but only if you are connected to the Internet through an Internet company.

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An internet browser is a program that allows you to connect to the internet. Anything that doesn't comnect you to the internet is not an internet browser..

What is the best new Internet browser?
The best new internet browser is the Google Chrome internet browser.

Does an Internet browser allow a user to connect to the Internet?
No after you are connected to the internet the browser is used

Is internet explore considered a Web browser?
Internet Explorer is an Internet browser, yes.

What is the slowest internet browser in the world?
Internet explorer is the slowest internet browser in the world

What is the difference between web browser and internet browser?
Hi webbrowser and internet browser are the same things But web browser and internet are not the same And web browser and the correct sentence but a lot of people make error when talking about internet or computer in general

Which internet browser comes from Japan?
Sleipnir is an Internet browser from Japan.

What is the use of a browser?
Well, an Internet Browser is used for what it says. Browsing the internet.

Why do you need an internet browser?
You would need an internet browser because without it you would not be able to access the internet.

Is internet explorer an example of a browser software?
Yes , internet explorer is the example of the Browser .

Was the first graphical browser Internet Explorer?
The first graphical internet browser was "MOSAIC"

What does a brower do on the internet?
A browser is a program that allows you to see webpages. A browser does not do anything *on* the internet.

What is the parts of an internet browser?
An internet browser is a very important part of a network. A browser should be able to fetch the data to the fullest.

What is a browser computer terms?
Internet Browser = Program that allows your computer to View the Internet. File Browser = Browser that shows/views the files on your Disks/Hard Drive.

What is the difference between an Internet explorer and an Internet browser?
Internet Explorer is a program known as an internet browser (like firefox, safari, netscape, etc.)

What does browser mean on computer terms?
Internet Browser = Program that allows your computer to View the Internet. File Browser = Browser that shows/views the files on your Disks/Hard Drive.

What is Internet browser cache?
Internet browser cache is temporary information stored by browser. The cache helps in faster access of the web pages.

What is an Internet browser?
I'm not exactly sure whether you mean Internet browser or Internet browser. Internet browser could simply mean someone who is looking for information on the Internet by going to one, two, or many different contacts on the Internet. The other meaning of Internet Browser refers to computer software installed on your computer which permits you to access the Internet through a Service Provider. Two common software browser packages are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox...

What is a IE browser?
Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a web browser. The most up-to-date version is Internet Explorer 9.

What is web browser and its importance?
You need a web browser in order to access the internet. If you didn't have a web browser, you wouldn't be able to go onto the internet.

What is the fastest internet browser?
Crocodile browser lite. -------------------------------------------------

What is a phone browser?
An internet browser on a mobile device.

Is Google Chrome the fastest internet browser?
Yes, Chrome is very simple and fast internet browser

How can you use the word Browser in a sentence?
A sentence with browser: First, go to the browser. I am using a internet browser.

What is the difference between a toolbar and a plugin in an internet browser?
A toolbar for an internet browser is a graphical user interface on your computer which allows you to click certain things, which will bring you to certain places. An internet browser plugin, on the other hand, is something within an internet browser which allows the user to run add ons.

What is an browser?
A browser is a program that allows you to view the internet. The best browser is Google Chrome.

What is the internal browser?
There are a variety of internet browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, ??????????? Opera and many more are all examples of an internet browser.

Does the Samsung genio have an internet browser?
The samsung sgh-u600 does have a internet browser but I am not sure how to get this working I am trying to find this out!

What was the first internet browser?
The first browser was known as "WorldWideWeb."

Does the Xbox 360 have an internet browser?
No Xbox 360 does not have a browser.

How do you look at a different day on your internet browser history?
Internet browser history can be viewed by date too. The browser history has many filters which are available in different browsers.

Which browser provides the best privacy?
Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is Fast and versatile Internet Browser based on Chromium, infused with Comodo's unparalleled level of Security!

What is the use of a hard disk drive for families who use internet to buy goods and services?
No hard drive=> no OS, no OS=> no internet browser. No internet browser=> no internet. No internet=> no shopping. Catch my drift?

How does one access the Internet?
You would access the internet by first establishing an internet connection. Next you would use an internet browser such a internet explorer or Google chrome. Double click the browser icon and you have accessed the internet.

How do you get into your Internet browser?
Programs like Firebox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorers are a internet browser. When on the homepage of one click on the icons at the top to locate the settings.

What do you mean by browser?
Browser is like Internet Explorer or FireFox or Google Chrome is the window that opens when you want to search the internet....

What is mozzila firefox?
The best Internet Browser in the world is what it is. It's got pretty much everything you need in an internet browser.

What was the first browser created for the Internet?
WorldWideWeb was the first internet browser. It was created in 1990 by Sir Tim Berners Lee.

What is safest internet browser?
It is Internet explorer 8

What does a browser allow you to do on the internet?
it can let you browse on the internet

Does the ds3d have internet?
Yes the 3DS does have an internet browser.

Is internet browser software free?
Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Slim Browser, Opera, Torch, & Avant are all free.

What is Microsoft browser?
The browser made by Microsoft is called Internet Explorer.

What browser does Microsoft produce?
Microsoft produces the browser, Internet Explorer.

Is there a browser preferred for the best internet browsing?
The best browser for internet surfing is really a personal choice. Many people use Internet Explorer as historically that is the browser with which they are most familiar. However Firefox or Mozilla are popular choices also.

Which browser is the fastest internet browser?
Google and Bing are two of the fastest Internet browsers. The speed of the browser, however, really depends on the speed of the computer's processor and the type of network connection.

How do i unblock my browser yourself?
How do I unblock my browser? I can't access the internet even though my service provider verifies my internet connection. What do I do?

What is the fastest internet browser for windows?
Google Chrome can be said as the fastest Internet Browser. The reason being it's simplicity in browsing.

What kind of internet browser is Mozilla Firefox?
Mozilla is a modern internet browser. It is made by the Mozilla organisation and has various modern supports.

Which is the most popular internet browser in the world?
Internet Explorer was the most popular browser. Google Chrome has took it over recently.

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