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Interlinking of The Blog Posts is Beneficial!

por Shelley Kiley (2020-06-08)

The interlinking of the blog posts is beneficial!
You must have heard the word interlinking of the blog posts much time in your whole blogging tenure. Also, you might hear that the interlinking of the blog post will increase your blog ranking. As a result, you will get more traffic as well as more visibility.

So let's explore first of all the topic

what is the interlinking of the blog posts?
As we all know linking means to create hyperlinks within your website.

Interlinking is the process where your current article has links to other old articles on your blog which is related to the current article.

As a result, the reader can click and be redirected to another article on your site.

When a user on your website is reading an article and that particular article is referred or related to another article on your posts then there should be a link that takes the user to that article for a better understanding of your topic.

What are the benefits of interlinking of the blog posts ?

By using interlinking of the posts will decrease the bounce rate of your blogs or website.

It will increase the average session of the visitor.

Will increase the ranking of any particular keyword.

Will instruct bots to travel the whole page and index properly.

Now let's move to the topic

how we can do the interlinking of the blog posts.
So it's quite simple, all we just need to keep in our mind while writing a new post that which all topics we can give reference to the current post through our old post. Also, try to put those posts keyword as anchor text and hyperlink to those particular posts.

By using this technique in the interlinking of the blog post we can easily rank any particular keyword and decrease the bounce rate of your posts.

Also we can increase the visibility of our blogs or website. But always keep in mind that interlinking of the blog posts should be relevant then only all the above benefits you will get. If you have done overstuffed and irrelevant interlinking of the blogging posts then you will get a high bounce rate as well as a very fastly decrement of traffic on your website. The reason is very simple people are browsing your blog just to increase their knowledge or looking for some exclusive or unique information that they don't have. So if you have redirected them for irrelevant information then your own user or your whole traffic get annoyed and bounce back very quickly.

And once they have got bad experience then for your blog or website that customer/user/traffic is permanently gone.

So always try to write those posts which are unique as well as informative because if your blog or website is unique and informative then people love to spend some time on your blog or 10? website.

Also, they refer to their know your blog and hence you will get readymade free of cost influencer for your blog. In general for which people are spending a lot and the result is also not guaranteed.

That's all from very soon we will back with some more good pieces of information.

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