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Pete Evans' inner circle speaks: Inside MKR judge's downward spiral

por Nelly Solorio (2020-06-06)

To the scientific community, he is a false prophet; to his supporters in the alternative health movement, ????? he is a fearless truth-teller.

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The 47-year-old former My Kitchen Rules judge - known as 'Paleo Pete' for his evangelical support of the fad Paleolithic diet - was once something of a wunderkind in the restaurant world, but his early prestige is now a distant memory. 

From kitchen prodigy to national joke: How MKR judge Pete Evans was 'changed by fame' and seduced by pseudoscience - as his brother and ex reveal another side to the Paleo chef

Pete's brother, Dave, and his ex-partner and mother of his two children, Astrid Edlinger, both seem to agree that he underwent a shift in personality in about 2011. 





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Astrid, who dated Pete for 11 years until 2011, said after their break-up: 'He's got more famous and it inevitably changes anyone.' 

She wasn't wrong. While Pete had earned the respect of the culinary world, it wasn't until he became a judge on Channel Seven's My Kitchen Rules in 2010 that he became a bona fide celebrity alongside his French sidekick, Manu Feildel.

A changed man? Astrid Edlinger, who was Pete's partner for 11 years until 2011, said after their break-up: 'He's got more famous and it inevitably changes anyone.' Pictured together on December 14, 2010 in Sydney

At about this time, Pete is said to have 'walked out' on the Hugos restaurant group he and his brother had built together in order to focus on his burgeoning TV career. 

In 2012, The Daily Telegraph reported that Dave Evans shared Astrid's view that fame had had a detrimental effect on his younger sibling.

Pete's decision to step back as a 'working partner' at Hugos also resulted in years of silence between the brothers. (Dave confirmed to the Manly Daily in 2017 they had reconciled and were speaking again.)