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What is the sale price of a 50 dollar bookshelf that's on sale for 15 percent

por Antoine Gore (2020-06-04)

Reader CommentsThe sale price is $42.50

What is the current price of diesel in Madagascar?
6 billion dollar per ml. yea thats right

How did mvp get into WWE?
He signed a multi million dollar contract ...thats it.....thats why his name is MVP.

What is the yellow stuff on your hand after you pick up a sand-dollar?
thats sand dolar pee

Where in Pyeongtaek can you get your eyebrow pierced and at what price?
At the price of $20. thats if you want it numb.

How much dollar is one forint?
Thats about 0.005347593 today.

Where can you buy an airhorn?
at the dollar general thats where i found mine at.

How do you sell my land?
put a price and thats it./.... Josh

What is 40 percent out of 35 percent?
thats (40/100) * (35/100) = 0.4 * 0.35 = 0.14 = 14 %

What is 42 percent of 247?
You just multiply .42 by 247 and you should get 103.74 and thats 42 percent of 247

What is 42 percent of 236 percent?
thats 42/100 * 236/100 = 9912/10000 = 0.9912 or 99.12 %

How do you change a fraction into a percent?
you divide the top number into the bottom and thats how you get the answer

What is 375 percent as a fraction?
Thats 375/100 = 3.75 times ?

How much is a hundred dollar bill from the Philippines worth in American money?
2.19539 thats what i got...

What is the percent 7 percent of 22500?
1575 All youve got do is to fiqure out 1% which is which is 250 then multiply 250 by seven then thats your answer!

What is the n animal on see n say?
Fisher Price? thats what i was told.

What stores do price matching?
thats an easy question so they can make money

How do you write 2.505 as a percent?
thats 2.505 / 1 = 250.5 / 100 = 250.5 %

How much is one dollar in America worth in Honduras?
i dont know?? thats why im trying to find out

Katie price MSN addy? Thats Her New One xD

What is the percent of high school students that joy ride?
thats not aquestion to ask none can answer it

What is 36.75 percent in simplest form?
It's 147/400. Thats the simplest form.

What is 10 percent of 2427.28?
Move the decimal one space to the left, and thats your answer 242.728

How do you calculate 500 X 5.6 percent?
thats (500 * (5.6 / 100)) = 28

What is the price of an apple MacBook Pro?
the lowest price i have found for a 17 inch was $1900.00 thats $600 off regular price... on the deelfinders site.. google deelfinders macbook 17 and you will find it...

Is china richer than the US?
lol.....yes thats who we owe the 16 trillion dollar national debt to

What is a reasonable babysitting price?
Around $5.00 an hour...Thats what I charge...It Really pays off1 :)

How much does a coolerado air conditioner cost?
no fix price for that thing . and be aware thats a scam .

Does zendaya have aids?
I'm 100 percent sure she doesn't. Thats really mean to ask.

Which country advertises itself as 1 percent land and 99 percent fun?
thats a special land called sunny and caity land if you know what i mean.=)

How much money does the McCafe Frappe Chocolate Chip from McDonald's cost?
$435. thats a good price.

When you multiply 3.96 x 5 percent and it equals 0.198 how do you write your answer?
Probably 0.198% Thats how I would do it.

How old do you have to be to operate a boat in bc?
im not 100 percent sure but i think its 14, thats what it is in newfoundland

How is 1 franc in American money?
One American Dollar is equal to 0.8619 Francs as of October 29, 2011. Thats 1.16 Francs for a single American dollar. The exchange rates fluctuate, but this is the current value.

What is the total cost of a meal when the meal is 32 with a 20 percent tip and 5 percent sales tax?
Thats 32 dollars * 125 % = 32 * 1.25 = 40 dollars

What would be the percent of 43 percent on a 10 by 10 grid?
40+3=43 so i shaded in 40 on the 10 by 10 grid an added 3 and thats how i found my answer:)

How high will one million dollars be made up of hundred dollar bills?
1000 and thats stupidest question i have ever heard of

What is the value of Canadian Hockey Ledgends coins?
its gotta be worth something .....what would you pay... thats how you value it.. is it worth something to you put a price on it and see if there is any interest in it thats what I would do, to figure out what its worth.

What percent of people care about the soldiers in the war?
The first Iraqi/American (Vietnam) war? If thats what you are asking, I don't know the exact percent but it is a higher level percent. The American citizens showed overwhelming support for the troops when they returned.

About how much would a togo fire skink cost?
about 50.00 thats petcos price some are found to be 25

Where to get a H2O locket?
i dont really now check ebay it might be at a high price but thats were i got mine

Can 1 percent milk be frozen?
Indeed..thats why it freezes when you put it in the freezer because theres a percentage of water in it

What is 85 percent off 13500?
Thats 11,475 off of 13,500 so your final amount would be 2,025

How much is the peso to the dollar?
It takes 20000 pesos to make a full dollar.But if thats not your question pesos are used in a country called colombia.

What is the value of a 1997 quarter dollar?
dude.. that was only a few years ago. a dollar. lol now if you wanna make some big bucks.. find a penny from either 1943 or 42. thats worth about 2000 dollars

How much are 1930s miniature pocelain dolls worth?
They can be worth hundreds of dollars if you have the right ones but the average price should be arround one hundred and fifty dollars, Thats average price.

How do you change a percent into a ratio?
Put the percent over 100 to make a fraction. Then simplify the fraction and you have the ratio. ex.) 1. 50% 2. 50/100 (thats the fraction 50 over 100) 3. 1/2 (I divided both the numerator and denominator both by 50) 4. 1:2 (thats your ratio)

How many peaple in the world are named katelyn?
there are at least 35738497349873497 katelyns in the united states!!!! WOW THATS A LOW PRICE

What is the average price of electricity in Maine?
About 12,563 thousdand a month so times that by 365 for ??????? a whole year thats 4,585,495

How much energy does an animal get from eating a plant?
85 percent because plants use up some evergy to use photosynthesis. Thats why other animals only get 85 percent of their energy

What is the fraction for 74 percent?
74% means 74/100. The % sign is made up of the numbers 1 0 and 0. Percent means Per hundred. Thats why a CENTury has 100 years in it.

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