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Usage of Geographic Information System in Everyday Life

por Jerrell Shultz (2020-05-28)

There have been huge amounts of geographic information that is being generated continuously by all the organizations in the vast, worldwide geospatial community The adoption of Web GIS in the Cloud; the motivation of the geospatial community to share data openly with one another; and the rise of using maps for storytelling have created a revolution in the effective communication.

In the past few decades, GIS Applications has grown exponentially. It is both analytic as well as aesthetic. This is useful for supporting our work and our communities. It is being applied virtually in every field of human endeavor. Right from helping businesses identify new customers to making natural disaster response more effective, it has been established as an essential computing infrastructure for every organization.

It is being applied nearly in every field of human endeavour.

Here are some examples of the ways it can be used in your everyday life.

If you are dying for that overly expensive cup of coffee, what would you do? You go straight to your smartphone and look for it. Then, view the map for the location and select the option to provide you directions from your current location. That's GIS. It lets us visualize, question, analyze. Also, interpret, and understand data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.

What about when you take that selfie to upload on social media? The whole world can see your selfie and social media is able to show your exact location where you took the picture. This is nothing but Geographic Information System.

Hopefully, you aren't faced with any natural disasters. However, if you are, the help that comes relies heavily on this technology.

Even if you try to evade it you can't. Have you ever noticed that the magazines in your mailbox always seem to have exactly what you are looking for? This is no coincidence. Establishments are using GIS data to learn the what, when, where, and whys of their customers based upon data they receive including your location, and they market accordingly.

So remember, the usage of this technology is all around you, whether you want it to be or not. You must embrace this wonderful tool and look for even more opportunities to benefit from it.

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