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Impact of News on Us

por Sadie Oreilly (2020-05-28)


News that impacts us most and therefore gives us the most importance is the most widely distributed, the most likely to be recorded and in most cases reported first. The main problem with this is that journalists and editors are not independent and they are inevitably associated with vested interests. Indeed, there is a huge possibility of bias and what might be said or not said could affect a piece of news.

Still, even as news travels further and faster, we all know that some news has to be left out and by ignoring it we can expect major effects on our lives. This should cause us concern for many reasons. These are not just good issues that can stimulate thought.

Tragedy and crime can impact us on an everyday basis and news is sometimes the only thing that can alert us to what is going on. Apart from being bad news the impact on us can be life altering.

Governments can make large scale implications when they issue conflicting information on the same subject. War and conflict can occur with little if any warning and political tensions will last for years. There can be heated arguments over issues such as immigration, religion, identity politics and the ethnic divide that have arisen.

Local news is also a significant source of problems. Issues concerning crime, health, safety and crime are all stories that attract plenty of interest but they can have negative consequences.

There is danger that the negative feelings caused by news reporting could spill over into other issues that are less desirable such as poverty, crime against children and elderly people, for example. However, this is sometimes the result of a story that has been exaggerated or a poor characterisation.

In an overcrowded social context many news stories will look at only one side of the story or concentrate on certain groups of people. With many voices there is an argument that itis often harder to get a balanced report.

No news event is ever completely without consequences. When there is a large scale incident or tragedy, the consequences will spread rapidly and seriously affecting many more people than those directly affected.

For Daily Feed World example, a serious car accident with no one hurt could mean no free food for the homeless or charities struggling to cope with the effects. It might mean no extra funds for the school or medical service if people are left unable to pay for treatments.

At a personal level, what was said about you on a newspaper or TV news could upset your sense of self esteem. The news can make you feel isolated and unwanted which is always upsetting.

A balanced news broadcast on a timely matter will deliver a public interest. Public interest should be balanced in such a way that people of diverse viewpoints can contribute and participate in a respectful manner.

There will always be some element of conflict where news that affects us and other people is concerned. On balance, it is not fair to expect news to go on forever without having any effect.