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Ex-McDonald's worker is sent back to jail after viewing child porn

por William Hammond (2020-05-15)

A former McDonald's worker was caught using an Xbox to help feed his paedophilia habit after he was freed early from jail for peddling child pornography. Brett Harriss, 26, had served just two years of a 32 month sentence and had been barred from using the internet but he secretly acquired the games console to go online and trawl for more squalid images of youngsters - some aged as young as two. Police carrying out a routine check up on Harriss discovered he had stored a library of 981 sick images on an iPad and filed them in folders labelled 'rape', 'younger', 'dad and daughter' and 'sibling'.

He later admitted his sexual attraction towards children. Brett Harriss, 26, has been sent back to jail for 27 months after he admitted possessing extreme and prohibited images of children At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Harriss, from Bredbury, Stockport, was sent back to jail for 27 months after he admitted possessing extreme and prohibited images of children, making indecent photographs and breaching a sexual harm prevention order. The court heard he had been originally locked up in 2017 for distributing child pornography to other online predators.

He was released last year and moved into a property but he was arrested again last December after he was assigned to a new police sex offender manager. Prosecutor Lisa Boocock said: 'The PC went to visit the defendant for a home visit and saw the defendant had an Xbox 360 connected to the internet, which he was not entitled to have as it was not registered with police. 'Police also searched a tablet which had been registered with the authorities and found inappropriate search terms had been used.

Police found 258 category A images including more than 100 moving images, 93 category B images and 630 category C images. Harriss was found to have used an Xbox to go online and had saved 981 sick images to an iPad 'The defendant was arrested and admitted to possessing the images when interviewed by police. The children were between the ages of two and 17. Disturbingly, police found the images were in folders with labels such as 'rape', 'younger', 'dad and daughter' and 'sibling'.

'4,000 images were not examined because the 'unit reach limit' had been reached. In a further police interview he admitted involvement in these offences. He recognises he has a sexual interest in children. This was a serious and persistent breach involving hundreds of indecent images.' In mitigation defence barrister Ellen Shaw said her client had helping making equipment for Covid-19 Nightingale hospitals since his arrest. She added: 'The defendant accepts his attraction to children which is rare in these cases- normally defendants try to deny this.

The defendant was frank in interview, he knows he faces a significant period in custody and accepts the seriousness of the position in which he finds himself. He has been in custody since December for the breach matter. 'He has lived alone since his last conviction and it has been difficult for him to interact with family as his sister has young children although he remains in contact with his father. He doesn't have friends and this has affected his mental health.' Harriss only served two months of his initial sentence for peddling child pornography Passing sentence, Judge Sophie McKone told Harriss: 'You were not supposed to have a device connecting to the internet unless it was registered with police.

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