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Data Recovery Mistakes

por Rosalina Kaylock (2020-05-14)

In this article, I will talk about the dos and don'ts of data recovery. I will talk about how computer users try to destroy hard drives with to recover them themselves without proper arrangements. Data recovery is the process of retrieving data from a failed storage or media. This could be any thing like physically defective drive, deleted media or corrupted hard drive. Different scenarios have different kinds of solutions.

5401990968_62f61c9f55_b.jpgFor example, for logical problems, specialized and appropriate software is used. For physical problems, the drive's hardware is fixed or replaced. This cannot be easy for a normal user because they would have no idea what to use in particular situation. We have seen people literally destroying drives and making data recovery impossible. This practice is becoming common due to You Tube videos. There are so many people on You Tube who will try these things without knowing the fact that many people might follow them in doing so.

In what circumstances users should try recovery attempts? This is a crucial question. The simple answer is, if the data is important, no self recovery attempt is recommended. There are many reasons for that. Let's say it is a logical situation where the data was lost as a result of accidental deletion, software corruption, or format, still there are huge chances of recovery if certain steps are not taken. The most important one is using the devices after the event or accident.

If the above happens, it is strongly recommended to stop using the device and the device be taken to a professional computer data recovery lab. The reason behind is, if the device is in use, data will be read and written to it without user's knowledge because there might be many apps that would receive and send data, phone calls logs and so on. The next reason is, if data recovery is needed, it is dangerous to install data recovery software on the device or media.

People often install data recovery software on c drive, iPhone, iPad or other phones and destroys the free space where the deleted data might be stored. Deleted data is always stored in empty space. There are many data recovery software available on the internet and very company claims that their tool is the best but the fact is opposite of the situation. Most of these companies don't even warn the users not to install the software on the affected device. These are the reasons why data recovery should not be tried without experience.

It does not matter it is flash memory or traditional drives; it is equally destructive for all media. So it is highly recommended not to try the above if the data is important. Let's see what is going on with failed drives.

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