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Does making a minecraft server effect the Internet

por Sadye Virgo (2020-05-14)

Your internet, or the entire internet?

7 months agoYour internet: possibly, if you already have a slow internet connection, or if you have multiple internet pages open.

The entire internet: No. If it did, even the SLIGHTEST bit, the internet would be nearly broken. Do you have any idea of how many servers are open this second? Probably hundreds, if not, thousands!

Does making a minecraft server give problems?
Depends on your internet connection. There is usually at least a little bit of lag in each server.

Does making a minecraft multi-player server cost money?
You can host a Minecraft Server from your computer for free (although you have the cost of internet upload). But, if your computer isn't powerful enough you can hire a server for an amount of money.

What does it mean when it says server has timed out in Minecraft?
it means the server has gone down such as minecraft server has crashed or the server owner has lost Internet connection

How do you make a server ip in minecraft?
If your making an internet accessible server (one where your friends are across town or in another city) you have to use the the IP address your internet provider gave you. If your making a LAN server (one where your family plays on it IN your house) you can make another network and assign it an IP address you want. Yahoo/Google/Bing search for the Minecraft WiKi to find out more step by step information.

What are Minecraft server names and addresses?
A Minecraft server adress is the location on the internet in which the Minecraft server is stored on. Minecraft server addresses are often a set of four numbers, such as If the owner of a large Minecraft server has a website, it is not uncommon for the address to be something like this: "".

How do you get internet connection on Minecraft?
If you are the host of the Server, you open up Minecraft Server . Wait for it to load then it will say its ready. If you are going to someone else's server, and it has no bars, then there server is not active. (Which means they dont have Minecraft Server up).

What does Failed to connect to the server Connection refused connect mean on minecraft?
either you don't have An internet connection or you have a cracked account on minecraft and it wont let you on. The alternative to this is their minecraft server was having issues.

Are there risks of making a Minecraft server?
The Risk is that someone could hack your Minecraft server and get Owner rank, and they could probly find you IP adress

How do you play Minecraft with people who live far away without making a server?
Without a server, that is impossible.

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What does read timed out mean in minecraft?
It means that, as you are trying to connect to a server, the server is not responding, after a minuet or so it will show this message. This could mean the server is offline or that your connection to the internet is poor. (Or the server host's connection to the internet is poor.

What does server connection failure mean on minecraft?
It means the client cannot connect to the server, try checking your internet connection

Can't connect to Minecraft server?
Either the server is offline or your connection to the internet is very poor. Or the server might not be setup well. You may want to contact the server host.

How do you get Minecraft Hunger Games on the computer?
The same way you get it on any other computer. Download Minecraft, connect to the internet, and join a server.

How can you make a minecraft beta multiplayer server?
Minecraft has made it very easy to make a multiplayer server. Simply go to and download the server .exe. Type in the IP address of the computer you are running the server on and you will connect to your new server! Please note that you will have to port forward your server for people to be able to connect to it from the internet.

How do you make a Minecraft server offline?
To make a Minecraft server offline, you click on (it opens with Notepad) and you'll see "online-mode" set that from "true" to "false" and you should have an offline server. This does not work if you have no internet. When it is offline, you can play without an account.

What does the address mean in minecraft?
They are referring to the IP address that your internet connection is using. If you are hosting a server on your computer you need to give out your IP address that is giving you internet. If you are connecting to someone else's server you need THEIR internet address.

How do you get on a minecraft multiplayer server?
You have to know the IP address of the server your wanting to get on to. The one they use to get on the internet with. Minecraft now comes with a modified version of multiplayer in single player, you can open the game your playing to multiplayer at any time.

Is Minecraft multiplayer?
Minecraft Is Both Multiplayer and single player; when you open the minecraft window (or when you play it in your browser) it shall say: MINECRAFT singleplayer Multiplayer Mods And Texture Packs options if you click "multiplayer" it will ask for a server IP. to find a server IP you could look it up on the internet "good server IP" or something like that. (sometimes its hard to find one which works) The server ip is...

How do you get your minecraft server to let people on it?
Your friends have to know _your_ "internet" IP address that your internet provider gives you to connect to the internet. It should NOT be or any version of that.

Hello My name is dayton and for a while now 2 guys have been targeting me and hacking my minecraft server and Ddos ing my server i paid for minecraft making it illegal?
DDoSing anything it illegal regardless if you paid for it or not.

What is a dedicated Minecraft server?
A dedicated Minecraft server is a server where you can play original Minecraft. Usually without plugins or mods.

Is minecraft an online game?
To download it from the website you need internet connection of course but once it has been downloaded you can play in singleplayer with no internet. To play on a multiplayer server you do need to have internet.

How do you make a minecraft server faster?
To make a Minecraft server faster you can try to clean up your computer to make more space. But the main problem of would be your internet. Your upload speed may need to be faster. To check what it is go to

Why does it say communication error on Minecraft?
this may be because you have bad connection the the host of the server or you have no internet connection if this is only happening with 1 server it is your connection or you have the ip wrong

How do you fix minecraft connection refused?
If the message "Connection refused:connect" appears when joining a server, it most likely means either the server is not currently online, or your internet is down.

How do you join a Minecraft server?
To join a Minecraft Server you must have the server's ip address, followed by the port which for Minecraft is :25565. Errors such as 'timed-out' can be due to the host's firewall or anti-virus protection which is blocking you from connecting. Other faults can be because the host has not port forwarded making his server inaccessible by other users. You also cannot join the server if the server is not running or if there are...

Does playing on your own minecraft server take up internet usage?
Yes, as with any game as long as you have an internet connection and are online you use up downloads.

How can you get on a server in Minecraft classic?
you need to download the server pack to go on a server in minecraft classic

Why does it say cant reach sever on minecraft?
Your instance of Minecraft can't connect to the server. Possible causes include: Your Internet connection may be down. The server may be down. Your client or the server may be being blocked by a firewall. You may have typed the IP address or port number incorrectly. The server may be running via Hamachi.

How do you install plugins for a default minecraft server?
You drag it into the plugins folder. If you want plugins in your minecraft server use bukkit, not the vanilla minecraft server.

What is the best sever in Minecraft?
There is no BEST server in minecraft, each minecraft server is the best to some person, but others are not. The best minecraft server is a matter of opinion, whether you think it is the best or not.

Are there any minecraft servers that are purely SDKs guns?
Some of of my mates are making a server with SDKs guns. It's on the way I'll tell you the server when it's finished.

What is the minecraft dad server address?
If your dad is in another house then you will need to know _his_ internet IP address, the one he connects to the internet with. If your dad is in the same house as you then you will need to know his _LOCAL_ address. If may be similar to this: ????????, the x's being the number of the computer. Let's say his is and may be yours but you have to type his...

What is the server address for Minecraft 1.2.3?
Minecraft 1.2.3 is a game version, not a server.

Is hosting a Minecraft server safe?
Hosting a Minecraft server is 100% safe.

Who owns mineplex MineCraft Server?
The Mineplex MineCraft Server is owned by Bluetomb.

What Minecraft Server is this Forum for?
This isn't a Minecraft server forum, it's a Minecraft whatever forum. It's any question that has to do with the Minecraft game.

What is a Minecraft server ip?
A minecraft server IP is what you type in to join a specific server. A good one is

How does anyone make a Minecraft server?
if you go to the minecraft website and click the download minecraft link, you will see teh download minecraft link and download minecraft server link. Click the download server link! Enjoy! :D

How do you create a server in Minecraft single player?
Yes if you press the escape [esc] button and then go to open to lan you simply click open server and this will open your world to everyone on your internet.

How do you get Multiplayer Survival mode in Minecraft?
You must make a server to do that. Making a server is free, but requires a lot of steps. I recamend using Modcraft to make your server. It does everything for you. I am not sure if making a server is safe. The only "hacks" i hear people do is speed hacks and flying hacks. But you might want to be sure that it is safe.

How much money is a Minecraft server?
It does not cost anything to get a minecraft server. You simply download the Minecraft_server.exe from the minecraft website download page. Then, you run it to make your own server.

Are there any free minecraft server hosts and if 000webhost is the only one how do you setup a minecraft server with 000webhost?
You need to have a upgraded account to have a Minecraft Server running on 000webhost.

Does Minecraft use wifi?
If you want to connect to a Minecraft server on the PC you will need some sort of internet connection to connect to the server. On the Xbox, you will need internet,as well as a Gold Subscription, to invite others to your map or join someone else's map On mobile devices, you must connect them both to the same WiFi network to play together on a world

Where can you download a Minecraft server exe not the Minecraft just the server?
It's on the exact same page as the Minecraft downloadable, on the Minecraft/downloads page, Minecraft_Server.exe

Can someone make you a beta Minecraft server or a regalar Minecraft server?
ask nicely in the minecraft forums and you might get lucky

What does server address in Minecraft?
The server address is the "IP" and you type it in the connecting to muiti servers box, and you join a minecraft server.

What is server address for funland 3 minecraft?
Funland 3 is a map in minecraft, not a server.

What are some Minecraft server addresses?
See the related link for a minecraft server address.

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