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abap on hana training

por Stewart Biddle (2020-05-06)

Anubhav Trainings ABAP on HANA cum S/4HANA
While using the technology fundamentals of most SAP programs (incl. SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA), and how SAP methods function but in addition learn about various person interfaces, for instance SAP Fiori or SAP GUI. The education consists of hands on physical exercises, you may operate with – amid others - an SAP S/4HANA procedure and other SAP programs. While using the newly obtained awareness in technological innovation you've got now a secure foundation to additional develop into a flexible array of company roles from SAP Program administrator by means of developer to user interface expert to task - or application - manager.


Anubhav ABAP on HANA cum S/4HANA Trainings Current in detail the architecture of SAP NetWeaver Software Server (SAP NetWeaver AS). The SAP NetWeaver AS would be the central component of SAP S/4HANA, the SAP Company Suite plus the SAP NetWeaver application platform

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