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Police receive tip off phone calls every five minutes

por Elma Huntington (2020-05-06)

67138067_122533205729782_865867779411604The police are being inundated with public tip-off calls about people breaching the Covid-19 social distancing rules every five minutes, a police chief has revealed.

Forces have seen a noticeable increase in the number of calls warning them about those refusing to comply with the government's lockdown guidelines, Derbyshire's chief constable Peter Goodman told The Telegraph.

The police chief said his own police department, which last month came under fire for using drones to deter hill walkers in the Peak District, were experiencing 2,300 calls a day from concerned neighbours and residents.

Mr Goodman said just over 11 per cent of calls his force were receiving were tip-offs and while some of them were 'a little misguided' many the police had received were from 'concerned members of the public'. 

Police departments in the UK have seen a noticeable increase in the number of public tip-off calls warning them about those breaching the government's lockdown rule. (Stock image)

Derbyshire's Chief Constable Peter Goodman said his force were experiencing 2,300 calls a day alerting them to those who were flouting the social distancing guidelines

He told The Telegraph: 'Some of it is about things taking place in public spaces, some of it a bit more about people entertaining at their home addresses

'We do believe some of [the tip-offs] are a little misguided, a little of it may be malicious, getting your own back on your neighbours. 

'But the vast majority of it has been about concerned members of the public doing the responsible thing.'

Meanwhile in West Yorkshire, chief constable John Robbins said he too had seen a rise in the number of calls his force were receiving from concerned residents alerting the police to those who were breaching the government's restrictions.  





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In order to manage the surge in public tip-offs, some forces in the country have created online services which allow users to enter the address of those flouting lockdown. 

Last month, Humberside, West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Avon and Somerset Police announced that they had set up an online portal which would enable people to report the alleged breach after an increase in the number of non-emergency 101 calls left the police overstretched.

Mr Goodman's comments come after his police force came under fire for ????? using 'overzealous' tactics to enforce the lockdown last month.

In March, Derbyshire Police used drones to film hill walkers in the Peak District and poured black water dye into the Blue Lagoon in Buxton to deter visitors at the beauty spot. 

Some police forces have created online services which allow users to enter the address of those flouting lockdown. (Stock image)

 This weekend people continued to flout the social distancing guidelines as temperatures peaked at 20C. Pictured: Revellers walk through Battersea Park in London on April 5

Police officers stop drivers on a street in North Yorkshire and ensure that their travel is 'essential'

Despite widespread criticism, the police chief later defended his methods and argued that they had tried to do everything through conversation and explanation.

He told BBC Radio 5: 'Some forces will be doing not enough, perhaps, some forces have probably gone a bit too far and some sit in the middle. Some would say we in Derbyshire have gone too far.

'I genuinely believe that we haven't because we are trying to do everything through conversation and explanation.'       

This weekend Britons across the nation continued to flout social distancing guidelines to flock to the country's sun-soaked parks and beaches.

Despite government warnings, revellers were seen descending upon London's Battersea Park and Greenwich park to embrace the warm weather. 

Meanwhile in the capital's Regent's Park, officers were stopping those who had chosen to leave their homes and flout government rules.

Last month Derbyshire police poured black dye into Buxton's blue lagoon in order to deter visitors

The scenes came just hours before Health Secretary Matt Hancock backtracked on a threat to ban outdoor exercise if people did not comply with the coronavirus lockdown. 

Mr Hancock, who earlier during the day blasted sunbathers for flouting the rules and warned the government would ban 'all forms' of public exercise if a 'small minority' refuse to stay at home, later updated his comments at the daily Downing Street press conference.

The politician said the end of lockdown would be determined by 'how much people follow the rules on social distancing' and issued a direct plea to people who are 'breaking the rules or are pushing the boundaries', telling them: 'You are risking your own life and the lives of others and you are making it harder for us all.'