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Is Twitter on the samsung impression

por Evonne Devanny (2020-05-04)

hqdefault.jpgYou can access Twitter through Mobile Twitter or Mobile Internet.

Which phone is better Samsung sunburst or the Samsung impression?
i never had a samsung sunburts but i do have a samsung impression and i love this phone i love the touch screen the keyboard and personaly i prefere the samsung impression :)

How do you get a signature on the Samsung impression?
Its sad but the samsung impression doesnt have the feature to make a signature

What is the best Samsung?
the best samsung is the samsung impression :)

Is there vOice command on the Samsung impression?
I have the same question i am getting the Samsung Impression and i have no clue! Sorry:(

Is the Samsung impression a slider phone?
yes it is; the samsung impression has a sliding qwerty keyboard and a AMOLED touch screen

Is the Samsung impression a touch phone?
yes it does next time go on youtube and search videos on the samsung impression and find out more about the touch screen

Does the Samsung Impression have a Signature?
sadly no ; (

Is the Samsung impression the Samsung rogue?
no, although they are very similar, they are not the same phone.

Do Samsung phones have video caputre?
you can capture video on a samsung i know from experience i have the impression

Can you download a Facebook app for the Samsung impression?
Yes, you can but an app for the samsung impression. And it is free. Just go to your Media Net and search for "free" and it should show up.

When does the samsung impression come out?
boy are you late

Can the Samsung Impression use Skype?
Yes it does.

Samsung impression Samsung solstice or lg xenon?
Well, impression for me. The lg xenon has a bad keyboard and not as bright as screen. If you want a touch full keyboard get a solstice. If you want a physical keyboard get an impression. They are both really good phones

How can you sign out of twitter on samsung wave?
Go to MyAccounts, Delete Twitter Account from it.

What Kind of Cell Phon Should you get?
Samsung Impression

Which phone should you get from ATT?

What kind of cell phone does tyler hansbrough have?
samsung impression

Does a samsung impression have good durability?
yes ihave it. its good

Which is better Samsung impression or lg xenon?
oh my god. you call that a question? man, what's with people these days? sheesh! well, im not going to answer for your own good. i want you to find it out yourself. you are not a baby anymore. now go out to the world my child! Brehnden Daly: The samsung impression has the best screen display for a cell phone in the world. The samsung impression has a slide out QWERTY keyboard just like...

Does the Samsung impression have threaded texting?
I just switched from the xenon to the impression and can't figure out if the impression can go into conversation mode. If you find anything out let me know! unfortunately, no it doesn't

Do have have to have internet with the samsung impression to run it?
Nopeeee, my mom has it without internet.

How do you reset a Samsung impression?
Take the battery out of the back then put it back in

IS the Samsung impression a touch screan?
yes. it is probably the best phone ever in my opinion. i had a choice between the lg xenon and the samsung impression and i picked the impression. it has more mega pixels, more cool features, and basically it is just a perfect phone. look up reviews, EVERYONE loves it ! haha

Does the Samsung eternity slide?
No. The Samsung Eternity is a full touch screen keyboard. If you're interested in a phone with a full QWERTY slider keyboard, I'd suggest the Samsung Impression.

Should you get the Samsung Impression or Solstice?
the impression for sure it is the first American phone with a AMOLED touch screen and it is the best message phone you can find

How do you set voice-mail on samsung impression?
press and hold 1

How do you log off twitter from samsung tab?
To log off of twitter from samsung tab, ?????? look at the tool bar in the top corner. There will be a icon that when pressed will show quick account settings. One of the options will be to log out.

Which phone is better the Samsung solstice or the Samsung impression?
I have had both. I have to say the the Soltice is very fast. I loved it very much. I was very clumsy and broke my solstice. I cried when I did. So I got a Samsung Impression since I broke my Solstice. I hated the Samsung Impression so much, I threw it in the garbage and got a new Solstice. The Solstice is a great phone, and I think you should buy it. It...

Is the samsung impression a good phone from walmart?
yes i just bought one,its great

Where can you find a Samsung impression diamond case?
Have you looked on Also, look at

What is the file type used on the Samsung Impression SHG-A877?

Samsung Impression or the Lg Xenon?
Lg Xenon its a lot smaller and weighs less.

Can you use the samsung impression as a prepaid phone?
if you got a 3g gophone simcard, then sure

Does the samsung impression come with a screen cover?
Yes go dodgers ok or else..............

How do you IM on a Samsung Impression?
Go to messaging in the menu go down and there will be one that has im

Should I get the samsung impression or the blackberry curve 8900?
it depends do you want a blackberry browser or a touch screen (impression) do you want the amoled screen (impression) or a regular one (blackberry) if you have more impression answers than that's the one you should get and vise versa.

Is the samsung impression a smart phone?
No. its is a regular touch screen with a slide out QWERTY key board.

I need a mobile with a good camera that isn't too expensive Any suggestions?
the samsung impression

What is a good phone that is touchscreen and has a full qwerty keyboard?
Samsung Impression, LG Xenon, or a LG Voyager.

How do you insert your memory card into a Samsung impression?
the slot for the card is under the battery cover. highly inconvenient.

You threw your samsung impression at the wall and the Sim card and battery came out so you put them back in but it wont turn on at all how can you fix it?
Really? You think it would work after that? I hate the impression.

What is better the lg xenon or the Samsung impression?
I went to AT&T and I can tell you the Impression is by far better. The screen is AMAZING and it is a sturdy phone. The touch screen is very responsive, where the Xenon is not. One look at the two side by side and you know, the Xenon pales in comparision. It honestly looks "little kiddish" and like the plastic is so cheap it will break. Also, AT&T told me Samsung phones have better...

Will Verizon carry the samsung impression?
no it is only a at&t phone only; if you want this phone get a at&t phone plan

Is the samsung impression a girls phone?
its for both genders but my mom swears its a guy phone. I have that phone and im a girl.

Lg xenon or Samsung impression?
I would personally say the Impression because better touchscreen I mean like more responsive better interface and spacious keyboard which i like personally Really is what your setting is

How do you get rid of the no event on the screen of a samsung impression?
drag it to the left where the arrow is on the home screen and just drag it of the phone to the left

How do i zoom on the camera on your samsung impression?
its also the same thing for zooming in on messages but at the bottomside of the keyboard there should be little arrows

What is the PUK code on an samsung impression?
You have to call your company because they have the code.PUK code is not a general number it's something they have to provide.

Is there a Twitter Application for Samsung Gt-s5230?
yes, but it costs one thousand euro in indonesia

Can you get the Samsung solstice prepaid?
yes you can.i got the impression by samsung& i use it as a go phone.but you must buy the phone first.without any discount. as of 10/25/09 it will be 250$ and 270.62$ if you add taxs

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