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Pretty Porkie Puppies

por Tristan Still (2020-04-29)

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A Porkie is a delightful small dog cross between a Pomeranian and a Yorkie or a Morkie Terrier. Puppy Love Connection is a network of family based hobby breeders in the Fraser Valley, BC that offers designer puppies for sale as well as stud services.

If you are looking to buy a Porkie puppy for sale, scroll down and see what we have available. We do take names for wait lists. And while you're here, check out our story of the very first litter of Porkies we had a few years ago when we bred our Morkie with a pure Pomeranian to get a four pack of pretty puppies. Elect your favorite!

Pictures copyright@PuppyLoveConnection all rights reserved

Are you looking for Porkie puppies for sale?
Consider choosing a dog from a family home based breeder. Visit the home and see where your puppy has been raised. Caring family breeders are willing to work with new dog owners to ensure good forever homes. Feel free to email us at or ??????? visit our website for pictures and available puppies.

Teacup Porkie Puppy For Sale From Puppy Love Connection
Call or text 604 226 8674 | SourceCall of text 604 226 8674 | SourcePictured here with her Mom Call or text 604 226 8674 | SourceAll dressed up and posing for pictures | Source Blueberry and Bentley - Morkie and Pomeranian parents of Porkies
Click thumbnail to view full-sizeBlueberry the Morkie mom | SourceBentley the Pomeranian dad | Source Pretti Porkie - Ruff Tuff Cream Puff
Source The Tail of a Four Pack Of Pretty Porkies
I bred my dog Blueberry the Morkie to a Pomeranian stud dog named Bentley and we got to raise and home a gorgeous litter of Porkie puppies. The litter was all girls, and we still think they are some of the prettiest puppies ever. Each Porkie had fluffy hair (not overly hairy like the Pom, but kind of a combo of plush roots with long fluffy hair) and a tiny teddy bear face, and was destined to only grow to about 5 lbs. We took some really cute pictures of our Porkies when they were newborn to ten weeks, and since my Dad took one of the girls, we can show what a Porkie looks like as an adult.

Meet The Porkies ~ Newborn Pictures - Candi, Pretti, Goldi and Parti
Click thumbnail to view full-sizeNewborn porkie puppy | SourcePorkie pup PrettiGoldiParti aka Maggie Swiffer Raspberry Porkie!
Parti Porkie | Source Parti Porkie
Pretty Tri-Colored Puppy
This puppy was the first born in the litter and also the biggest. Her beautiful Parti (tri colored) markings are how she got her first name. She would go to live with my Dad and be called Maggie Swiffer.

Webkinz Parti Puppy Look-A-Like - Plush stuffed dog
Webkinz Signature PomeranianThis adorable plush dog looks a lot like Maggie aka Parti puppy.

Buy Now White Porkie Candi
Porkie female | Source Perkie Porkie Pup
This little girl we called Candi
All the Porkies pups in Blueberry's litter had the perky ears of the Pomeranian sire. The puppies got a mixed coat - a little bit of puff from the Pom mixed with the long straight hair from the Morkie mom. As the pups matured, their hair grew long and with just a bit of a puffy undercoat they got some super cute coats.

Golden Porkie - Goldi and the bear
Goldi Porkie and The Bear | Source This is Goldi, she was born with the most beautiful light orange color. We didn't get to see what she looked like as an adult, but we're guessing she is just gorgeous. She went to friends of the folks who took her sister Candi - when they saw Candi, they just had to adopt a Porkie of their own.

Who Do You Elect? - As the cutest Porkie puppy
Who Do You Elect As Cutest Porkie? | Source Out of this litter of Porkie puppies I say

Candi is such a tiny little pup

Parti has the most beautiful markings

Goldi has such a pretty colored coat

Pretti is sure a sweet little girl
See results Like Mother, Like Daughter - Blueberry's baby picture next to Parti puppy
Baby Morkie and Baby Porkie Visit Our Website

Puppy Love Connection
Puppy Love Connection, perfectly matching puppies and people. We are a network of family hobby breeders of tiny toy size dog breeds. We have Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, Chihuahua and our designer Morkies and Porkies.
Our Porkie Puppy Videos - See the girls in action
In the first video, the Porkie puppies are about five weeks old. They stayed with us until they were ten weeks, and ready to go to their forever homes. By then they'd had a good start on potty training and digesting hard food. The last video in the set is of Parti puppy aka Maggie Swiffer at three years of age. Just love that wild n' crazy hair do!

Maggie Swiffer - Parti puppy all grown up
Click thumbnail to view full-sizeJust helping with the dishesGood girl Rate this Pretty Porkie page!
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Have you ever seen a real live Porkie?
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9 months ago

We resently lost our chiwennie it was our little boys dog he is very heart broken

Faye Logston

12 months ago

No I've never seen one but I think Goldie is the prettiest


4 years ago

I just had my first litter of Porkie babies.. A red merle male and a chocolate female.. I'm loving watching them grow and will be so sad when they are old enough to go to their new families


4 years ago from Central Florida, USA

They are all adorable. I like Candi because she favors my little Maltese, "C.C."

Elsie Hagley

4 years ago from New Zealand

Love your Porkie puppies photos, so cute, as everyone else has said.

Do you still have them?

I sure would love one they have made my heart fill if love for them

Fay Favored

5 years ago from USA

Your little babies are so sweet. My grandparents loved their Pomeranian. They would think these pups are cute I think.


5 years ago from chichester

Oh they are so beautiful! They look like very cheeky, affectionate little things :)


5 years ago

Nope, this lens was my first introduction to them, what an excellent group of pictures. All are adorable. I have an older cat (19 years) and he still has the heart of a kitten. Cheers and thanks for sharing..


5 years ago

No. But now I want one. Your puppies are so darn CUTE.


5 years ago

I haven't but they are so darn cute


5 years ago

However, those people who do not agree with the stricter approach to dog training.


5 years ago from Canada

No, but they're so cute!!


5 years ago

Great lens. Thanks for your sharing!

Renaissance Woman

5 years ago from Colorado

Oh my. These have to be the most darling pups ever. I've not had a real live encounter with this mix. We did have a Pomeranian when I was growing up. She was such a wonderful dog. You sure found the perfect combination here. These pics and videos made me smile. A real treat.

Pat Goltz

5 years ago

I don't think I have ever seen one. They're so precious when they're tiny. Too bad they grow up, eh?

Susan Zutautas

5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Your porkies are so cute!


5 years ago

I love your Porkies! And love that they donate to Buckhawk Center Animal Rescue, too!


5 years ago

Beautiful lens with awesome photos. They are really cute and adorable:=)

Anja Toetenel

5 years ago from The Hague, the Netherlands

What a sweet thing, wow! Great photos and nice Lens. Never seen a real porkie by the way...

Mary Norton

5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I have not seen porkies before. They're so lovable.

Mary Norton

5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I have not seen porkies before. They're so lovable.