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How to do Twitter Marketing?

por Tim Wittenoom (2020-04-29)

How to do Twitter Marketing?

Always test headlines. Headlines are the cornerstone of Twitter. Mastering the art of writing on Twitter is crucial to the success of this support. Most of the content is consumed today in the flow - a constant stream of moving titles swept Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Use hashtags wisely. It is like a busy mall - millions of people scattered around the mall with thousands of different conversations simultaneously. Imagine you are a merchant in this mall shoes. Do not you want to connect directly with people who talk about shoes? Of course you would. A hashtag allows you to do so.

Incorporate Twitter cards. It maps correspond to adding an attachment to an email. It is primarily text based. This new feature allows to include a richer multimedia experience. Once you have the code required on your blog, Twitter will automatically add the image or video found on the URL of your blog you share on it.

Increase Retweets - Keep It Short. According to research by Tracksocial, the ideal length of a tweet is 100 characters. Keep tweets under 100 characters provides enough space for your followers to retweet (RT) and comment when they share.

Increase followed - Follow to follow. This tip is an incredibly simple thing to implement. Follow the Twitter account called @MagicRecs. It was created by Twitter as an experiment to help users to find new people to follow and receive content recommendations via direct messages.

Increase performance. Twitter is a stream moving fast. The new content grows older content in the channel. Subscribers must browse your feed to see all your updates. Have an important Tweet you want them to see? Looking to promote a special offer? Simply "pin" this tweet. When you pin a tweet, tweet it keeps it at the top of your Twitter stream, resulting in more attention and traffic. When someone visits you on Twitter, ??? the first tweet they see.

Optimize your Twitter bio. "Make sure that your corporate identity and voice are well marked," says Jon Ferrera, CEO, Nimble, a social CRM provider. This means having a biography that tells people who you are and includes a link to your company website or landing page - and having "a consistent tone so that people clearly understand who you are and what you do .

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