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Will FaceBook always be more popular then Twitter

por Geoffrey McKee (2020-04-28)

Face book Is not More Popular Then Twitter, Twitter Is, There is over 1 billion people using Twitter and Face book but Twitter is more popular period.

Is twitter more popular than Facebook?
facebook will always be more popular than twitter actually right know as i right this facebook is more popular than twitter facebook is the second most popular website first is google and its 1.18 billion users to 302 million users

Is Facebook or Twitter popular?
They are both very popular. Facebook more so than Twitter.

Is Twitter or Facebook more popular?
Facebook for sure!

Who is more popular Facebook or Twitter?
they're both equally suck Incorrect, because that doesn't answer the question asked! They are both very popular, yet Facebook is more popular than Twitter.

Why is Facebook more popular than Twitter?
it is not. GERM!

Do a lot of people like Twitter?
Yes there are millions of twitter users but facebook is more popular

Which is more popular Facebook youtube google yahoo or twitter?
Google is the most popular website in the world.

Between Twitter Myspace and Facebook which is more popular?
biased answer: facebook is best and twitter is worst correct answer: Who the hell stated this? Facebook has one of the worst cons and some of the rules are absolutely retard. I myself have Facebook, but rarely use it because of this. Facebook is really cool. It's just I refuse to use it after watching the Social Network movie. Twitter has much more pros than cons. Since Twitter is very new. It's just getting started...

What is most used Twitter or facebook?
Facebook is more popular and used, but they both have their own unique functions that makes them both different.

What is a popular website for teens?
The popular website for teens are twitter, facebook, you tube, and many more. But the most popular is the facebook because as we all know it is easier to memorize the different tools in this website.

Is twitter more safer then Facebook?
yes twitter is more safer than Facebook.

What are the name of more site like Facebook?
These are probably the most popular ones: Facebook Twitter Bebo MySpace I Hope I helped EmilyRadleey

What is better between Google plus or Facebook or Twitter?
Everyone has their own opinions on them. However they all have advantages and disadvantages. Google Plus maybe isn't as popular as Twitter or Facebook but it is easy to use and well designed. Twitter is harder to gain followers on but very popular among celebrities. Then Facebook is known as a 'more-dangerous' site but it gives you a lot of things to do within it. However some would think that Facebook is the best overall.

How do you make your YouTube channel more popular?
Share it on facebook and Twitter, and just wait, and keep making videos.

What web sit is better facebook and twitter?
I Think FaceBook Is Better Than Twitter Because Only Thing U Do On Twitter Is Follow People And Facebook U Do More Than Thing THan Twitter But I HAve Both Of Them.....But I Get On FaceBook More THan Twitter LOl .......Im Just Not A Twitter Person...Even Doe FAceBook Bordin Its Still Better THan Twitter LoL....

Do people generally like Twitter or Facebook more?
There are more users on Facebook which would suggest people like that more than Twitter.

Why is twitter better than facebook?
Twitter is better because it's more easy to work with. Facebook slows down your iPhone. Twitter is easy to get your message out.

I nead more information about a bahrainian lawyer her name is MAnar Maki?
Manar Maki is a public offender lawyer. She is popular on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you think that Twitter is better than Facebook?
I think that facebook is better than twitter because there are a lot more things to do. On twitter, you just follow people, mainly famous people. On facebook, you can play games, chat with your friends or relatives, and A LOT more.

Does Jen Ledger use Facebook or Twitter the most?
She uses Twitter more.

Do you like facebook better than twitter?
Twitter is Topics and celebrity following while facebook is more social with friends and games. Personally, i like facebook better

Are there more people on Twitter than Facebook?
Facebook has more users by just over 1.2 million

How are you able to contact Logan Henderson?
Logan Henderson has a twitter how ever to messege him you have to have him to follow you but you can always wite on his twitter......for more info on him and other hollywood hits just go to FanSmash TV on my facebook page

What types of web advertising are popular?
The most popular web advertising is AdWords. In recent years social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly popular because more people are using these services on a daily basis.

Is Twitter more popular or MySpace?
Myspace is more popular.

How do you change privacy settings for facebook and twitter accounts?
Both of them have different settings ways. Twitter account privacy settings are limited while facebook settings are more specific and more custom.

What is more popular Skype or Facebook?
Both are very Popular. But Worldwide Facebook is Defiantly more Popular!

Why is Twitter more popular?
Twitter is popular due to providing live search of current topics of twitters.You also get the Twitter IM,Twitter Group and Twitter Invitation at on plateform website

Is facebook and Twitter the same?
No, they are not the same. Facebook is more on connecting with other people you may or may not know personally. While Twitter is primarily use as micro-blogging.

Is facebook used more than twitter?
Yes it's used more.

What are the differences between Facebook and Twitter?
Answer Facebook you can send private messages and it is considered more of a social network. Twitter is basically when you read what people are up to, they "tweet" about big events, or just what's going on. Answer The basic difference between Facebook and Twitter is simple; Twitter isn't as large of a site and you cant post photos (other than your profile picture and an optional background pic). Twitter also isn't as popular as...

Why do people find twitter more cooler than Facebook?
You can have friends on facebook not follow, you can have face-to-face conversation, IM chat all of those things aren't on twitter

Why is facebook more popular than myspace?
facebook has APs facebook has more games

How do you post on Facebook what you post on Twitter?
There are a number of social media dashboards that allow you to post to both Twitter and Facebook. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are popular for business. For personal use, there's a new app called MultiMi that allows you to post to a lot of social networks simultaneously. It integrates social media, email and social sharing sites in one interface. It supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Picasa, Instagram and more. Download it for free from...

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?
Lady Gaga has 12,000,000 + followers on Twitter and 42,000,000 "likes" on Facebook Katy Perry has 9,000,000 + followers on Twitter and 33,000,000 "likes" on Facebook Lady Gaga is more famous!! 3

Is Twitter better than MySpace?
twitter seems to be more popular but myspace has more features i think =P

Can you become addicted to Facebook and or Twitter?
Yes, you can certainly become addicted to Facebook or Twitter. Some studies even show that those social media sites are more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes.

How can you get in touch with One Direction?
You can get in touch with them via twitter and facebook, although they use twitter more. Their own twitter accounts are @harry_styles, @louis_tomlinson, @zaynmalik, @real_liam_payne, @niallofficial. And the band twitter account is @onedirection.

How do you feel about Twitter?
Personally, I DESPISE twitter. I have a twitter account, but I think it's pointless. ooh!, I can update my status. oooh!, i can follow someone.. Oh wait, I can do that AND MORE on FACEBOOK.

What are similarities between Facebook and Twitter?
i think that they are both the same well twitter is a blog and facebook is more of a chat post add friends commments thing it really does not matter at all to me cause i dont have one

How can you talk to someone on the computer?
You can chat to someone on msn, facebook, twitter, skype or more.

Is Twitter an email medium?
No. It is completely different to email. It is more like Facebook or Instagram

Is Twitter safer than Facebook?
Definitely not. Although on twitter there are privacy settings, it wasn't meant for safety. Facebook, on the other hand, is much safer and has good safety settings. If you are looking to connect with friends you KNOW, use Facebook. Twitter is meant to keep up to date, in essence, with people you DON'T KNOW. Facebook is a lot more personal, meaning it has to be safer or people wouldn't use it.

How to get more popular on Facebook?
U can get more popular on facebook by adding people that u don't even know or saying that u are famuosperson

What is the website Twitter?
The website Twitter is a social networking site. It is a big mixture of facebook, texting, email, and lots more. It is really fun...... and addicting.

Who has more fans Lady Gaga or Britney Spears?
Lady Gaga has 12,000,000 + followers on twitter and MORE than 42,000,000 "likes" on Facebook. Britney Spears has about 9,000,000 followers on twitter and 13,500,000 "likes" on Facebook. So Lady Gaga wins 3 Hope I Helped!

Is there a Facebook for tweens?
websites that are fun are twitter kidswirl dizzywood and lots more that are to hard to name

Is Facebook more dangerous than Twitter?
Yes, because people can see your photos and talk to you.

Is Facebook getting boring?
YES! Twitter is a lot more fun, ?????? face paced, and the privacy is better. Facebook just gets people into trouble.

Sites related to Facebook?
Twitter is kind of like facebook(I think, i don't actually have one) but Twitter is more to "stalk" clebs or youtube stars. And i use the word "stalk" because that's what everyone says on youtube. Not a literal stalk.

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