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What is Simon Cowell's Twitter

por Theresa Howton (2020-04-24)

He does not have Twitter.

What is Simon cowells dad?
Simon Cowells dad is a black albino (: x

Who is Simon cowells favorite present day band?
Simon Cowells Favorite band of all time is: "Heart"

Who is Simon cowells wife?
Simon Cowell is not married !

Simon cowell's address?
Simon cowells business address

What is Simon Cowells religon?
He Is A Christian

When is it Simon cowells birthday?

When is Simon cowell's bday?
Simon Cowells Bday is on the 7th October.

Who is Simon cowells girlfriend?
Mezhgan Hussainy

Was Simon cowells mother Jewish?
No but his father was

Who are Simon cowells family?
He doesn't have a family

What is Simon Cowells catch phrase?
that was exstrodinare

What was Simon cowells junior school?
Simon cowell went to the Owell OakSchool .

What are Simon cowells hobbies?
Simon loves to spy on his neihbours... he had a telescope installed in his kitchen!!

What is Simon cowells favorite song?
Jizzed in my pants! :)

What is Simon cowells parents names?
Eric & Julie

When is Simon Cowells birthday?
It's the 7th of October

How big are Simon cowells houses?
it is verry big

What is Simon cowells fav song?
white Christmas

What is Simon cowells favorite dessert?
Angel Delight

What is simon cowells girlfriend called?
Terri Seymour

What is Simon cowells preferred activity?
sitting in bed

What is Simon cowells faveorte snack?
Cheese and crackers!

Who are barn owls enemies?
mice, and shews, and simon cowells

What is Simon cowells book called?
"I Don't Mean to be Rude, But..."

What colour is Simon cowells hair?
he has browny black hair

How was Simon cowells life growing up?
very awesome

What is Simon Cowells favourite goody?
A lemon bon bon

What is Simon cowells favourite food?
roast beef monster munch

Simon cowells property?
Is huge! ------------- Is large, in LA, and has a tennis court.

What is Simon cowells sisters name?
Her name is June Diana Cowell

Does Cher Lloyd live in a caravan?
no she lives in simon cowells crapper

What is Simon cowells favorite tv show?
suite life on deck

Who is Simon cowells dentist?
Rob McNeil, who is based in Harley Street in London

Who is Simon cowells role model?
yes he is coze he dose stuff for charaty

Who is taking Simon cowells place in American Idol?
Rumors are: Howard Stern

What record label is Labrinth signed to?
Syco Simon Cowells record label

Who is the mother of Simon cowells daughter?
The mother of Ella Barton is Margaret Ellen.

Who is Simon cowells favourite female singer?
Paula Abdul because they're in love

How do you put criticism into a sentence?
Simon Cowells criticism towards the eager contestant was uncalled for.

What are facts about the owl?
Everybody's fond of owls. Except for mice and shrews. And simon cowells.

Does Simon baker Twitter?
Simon Baker (the mentalist) does not have a Twitter account.

How old are Simon cowells mum and dad?
Julie Cowell is 79. His dad I'm not sure.

What is Simon cowells shoe size?
hes shoe size is 9 and a half!! ( i think) i agree

What are Simon Cowells likes and dislikes?
He likes Paula Abdul Who is amazing unlike you the reader whois a dive

What is Simon Baker's Twitter name?
His Twitter account is @simonbakerUK, but this is musician Simon baker, not the actor!

How white are Simon cowells teeth?
pretty white! if you have any more questions, ??? or comments about Simon cowell's teeth please email me; hope that helps!

Who is Simon Cowells favourite person who has won the x factor?
Most likely Leona Lewis as she has been the most successful.

How big is Simon cowells ego?
On Peirs Morgans life stories Simon cowell said he looked after a ladybird on his window sill for 2 weeks by giving it food and water! Softie or what?!

Does Simon Bird have a Twitter?

Were is Simon Cowells house in England?
WikiAnswers does not give out anybody's personal details (famous or not) because everybody needs their privacy and it's against the policy to do so.

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