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How to Enable Hidden Emoticons for Gmail

por Nell Manson (2020-04-20)

Gmail (Google-Mail) was launched by the google after its most successful search engine "Google Search" Gmail was actually launched by google to compete the most popular Electronic mail service in the era of electronic business and the time were Letter boxes from the post office were getting lack of attraction and reliability and the way that E-mail was sending messages was totally impossible for the all of resources which were and are available now E-mail is not currently the most featured service of internet and about Billions of E-mails are sent and ?????? received over the internet. Google was absolutely the King of search engine by the starting of 21st century"

At that time "Hotmail" which is now also called with the with "Outlook" was on the top and E-mails were being the most useful thing for the business, advertising, marketing communications.

Gmail is currently the most famous Electronic mail service surpassing the popularity of Yahoo mail and Gmail is now even the King of all E-mail services You cannot download an android app , you cannot access advance features of Google maps, you cannot personalize Google search , you cannot create a blog , you cannot Upload , comment, like any of YouTube Video if you are not having a "Gmail" account. Gmail has totally surrounded its need towards the users.

Google .inc has recently introduced the completely new life for not only the Gmail but for Electronic Mail. Gmail now can manage Social notifications having better speed and is now capable of managing most of the extension clients such as twitter, facebook notification with managed way like never before

While Gmail basically sends an E-mail to other clients with smart and managed ways but users should must have expressive feature such as "Emotions" without them the taste of conversation is about totally boring and if you are going to send a birthday wish or new year greetings you should must have a unique expressive emotion to give the message a beautiful taste. Gmail already provide some of its default Smiley's but they are not so adjusted but you can have more and bunch of amazing new never seen emotions on Gmail which you never known before and you are not going to obtain them by downloading or buying they are actually hidden in your own personal Gmail account

You can access them forever by just following these simple steps:

First you have to get logged in to your Gmail account.

Now go to the "Mail Settings" which you can find at the top of Gmail and click that.

Click on the tab named "Labs"

Now check the first box named "Extra Emoji" (Emoji is the Latin word for Emotions)

Click on "Save Changes"

That's it now you can check by going towards the Write new email and then click on Emotions icon and you can see bunch of new never seen emotions on Gmail. These newly discovered emotions are so expressive and will definitely amaze your E-mail receiver. Keep emojing with your friends and also get them know about this hidden feature of Gmail.

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