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How can a cat get another cat pregnant? -

por Reginald Fuller (2020-04-13)

C-yU3e0XsAAvARg.jpg%5Ca male cat has intercourse with a female cat

How old does a cat have to be to get another cat pregnant?
A female cat can get pregnant at about one year old. A male cat can impregnate a female at about eight months old. It varies a bit, of course, from one cat to another.

Why it is important to know whether cat is male or female?
Well you would like to know that because you want to know if the cat is going to get pregnant or get another cat pregnant....

Will a mother cat abandon her litter of kittens if pregnant with another litter?
A mother cat can't get pregnant for another 6 weeks after giving birth. So she wouldn't really be abandoning her litter they have no need for her milk anymore.

What if a pregnant cat does not produce milk?
Then you will have to bottle feed the kittens or get another cat with kittens to do it. You can ask a vet if you need kitten formula. A pregnant cat will usually not show milk until soon before she gives birth.

What are a cat's enemies?
cats are many types and when you put your cat to another type of cat they are going to fight ,and if your cat is pregnant keep her away with a male cat,theyare going to fight.

What do you call a pregnant cat?
A pregnant cat or a queen.

Does a cat with FIV infect another cat?
Only through deep bite or scratch wounds where the saliva of the cat who is infected enters the other cat's bloodstream, or from pregnant cats to their offspring.

One pregnant cat takes one kitten from a different litter?
What? another answer: thats not even a question

When the cat is pregnant do they pere?
Yes, I've have had a cat that purred while she was pregnant.

How do you know how long a cat has been pregnant?
A cat is pregnant for about 65 days

How many kittens are in litter?
Usually a Mother Cat has up to at least 1-8 kittens if it does NOT get nutered.Nutering your cat just means it cant mate with another cat again and will never get pregnant.

What is a pregnant cat called?
A pregnant cat is called a Queen, and a cat that is feeding a litter is called a nursing Queen.

Can you give a pregnant cat a bath?
You can bathe a pregnant cat but be sure to read the label of the shampoo to make sure it is safe for pregnant cats. You can ask your vet for a safe shampoo to use for your pregnant cat.

Can a cat get pregnant whilie in heat?
Yes. In fact, that is the only time that a cat can get pregnant.

Can dogs get hogs pregnant?
No. Animals can only get animals of their own species pregnant. A dog can only get a dog pregnant, a cat can only get a cat pregnant, etc.

Can a cat be in heat and pregnant at the same time?
no, a cat can't be in heat and pregnant at the same time.

How early can a cat get pregnant?
A cat can get pregnant as early as 5 1/2 months. Please spay your cat around 4 months.

How long does a cat stay pregnant until she gives birth?
a cat stays pregnant for 60 to 65

How many months is a cat pregnant?
a cat is pregnant for about 2 1/2 months. You notice when a cat is pregnant when her belly starts bulging. You know when the cat is ready to give birth when she is acting weird, and tries finding a birthing place.

How do you get your cat pregnant?
You let it mate with a male cat.

Can a cat make you pregnant?
Yes, if you are a female cat!

Can a female cat become pregnant after being spayed?
No, a female cat can't get pregnant once spayed as the ovaries are taken out. Nope.. =)

Can a cat get pregnant out of heat?
no they cannot. but you cannot always tell when a cat is in they can get pregnant and you not know that they are in heat.

Can boy cats be pregnant?
No a boy cat can not get pregnant. It is geneticaly immpossible for a boy cat to get pregnant. just like a man cant get pregnant or ??? ?? any wild male animal for that matter.

Is a cat that you father found a month ago pregnant if it looked pregnant but you doesn't now because its skinny and her lower belly is hanging?
A hanging belly in a cat often occurs after the cat has been neutered. Chances are that the cat is not pregnant, but you can take it to a vet to be sure.

What do you call a male cat and female cat?
A male cat is a tom, a female cat is a she-cat, and a pregnant female cat is a queen.

How do cats get pregnant?
By mating. Similar to the way humans do. If your cat is an outdoor/indoor cat and hasn't been neutered/spayed, then they'll almost always find a mate; even if you don't know of another cat of the opposite gender in the area.

If a cat is 1 month pregnant what will she look like?
If a cat is 1 month into pregnancy she may look chubby. There is no sure way to know if the cat is pregnant without a confirmation from a vet at this early stage. A cat can become pregnant around 4 months of age.

What to do if a cat bite a pregnant lady?
Then the pregnant lady is bitten.

Can a cat go into heat while pregnant?
A cat apparently can because mine did and we think she is pregnant! But it may be a FALSE PREGNANCY?

Is a cat is pregnant does she bite if you touch her stomach?
depends what cat you have.... some do and some prefer to have there belly rubbed while they are pregnant

Can a six years old cat could get pregnant?
Yes. But a male will have to have sex with the cat to get it pregnant like a real female

Can a Persian cat get pregnant at 6 month old?
yes a cat over about 4 months can potentially become pregnant

Can you treat worms in a pregnant cat?
Yes you may treat a pregnant cat for worms. We did ours, you may want to consult a vet first depending on the breed of cat.

Can a neutered male cat get your female cat pregnant?
A neutered male can get your cat pregnant up to 30 days after he's been neutered. So if the cat just was neutered, keep him away from your female.

Can a cat get pregnant after they had their operation?

What does a pregnant cat act like?
When a cat is pregnant, the cat will act differently. Every cat might act a little differently when pregnant but here are the main things: Your cat will want more attention than usual. Your cat will gain a huge appetite. Your cat will have different moods meaning sometimes your cat will hide from you and want to be left alone and other times your cat will want your full attention. Your cat will meow a...

What does a cat eat or drink if it is pregnant?
Just go to any pet store they have cat food for pregnant cats, do not give the cat milk- most cats get diarrhea from milk

Your Bengal cat is nearly 9mnths old and you think she might be pregnant will she be ok?
It is a fairly young age for a cat to be pregnant, but she will be fine.

What is the difference between a fat and a pregnant cat?
One has eaten to much and wont care And a pregnant cat will probly be protective of her baby.

What is the best medicine for your cat with a skin problem who is 3 weeks pregnant?
I don't have a 3 week pregnant cat with a skin problem

Can you change cat litter pregnant?
It is not a good idea for a pregnant woman to go near a dirty cat box because new studies have shown that a chemical that is made by cat urine if inhaled can cause birth defects. If you can, have somebody else change the cat box while you are pregnant.

Can a female cat have nipples when they are not pregnant?
yes they can but they wont be as big as a pregnant cat and they will be like a very light pink cause a pregnant cats nipples are very pink and big .

Is it safe for my cat to be around a male cat when she is pregnant?
not a good idea =]

Can female cat pregnant without a male cat?
No. Not biologically possible.

Can a small male cat get a big cat pregnant?
Defiantly. If by 'small' you mean young, male cats can get a female cat pregnant at about 6 months old, until they die. So what ever the age, the female will get pregnant. Hope his helps !

Is it true if you have cats you can't get pregnant?
no this i not true,if you have a cat you can get pregnant if you want

When does a cat stop having litters?
the cat stops having litters when the cat stops getting pregnant by a male cat

Why can't a pregnant woman be around cats?
A pregnant woman can be around cats, but she should not clean the litter box or be handling/cleaning up cat feces. A pregnant woman can get toxoplasmosis from cat feces.

Can a cat be in heat during pregnancy?
Yes , a cat can go into heat while being pregnant .. acually my cat now is 9 days pregnant and she is experiencing heat right now ..

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