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How AI in Ecommerce is Going to Change Your Online Shopping Experience?

por Robbie Collings (2020-04-12)

Online shopping has gained momentum around the world since its inception. Amazon became the first site in the year 1994 offering to sell products over internet. Since then globally the race began to become the major player in the world of online shopping. The online selling followed development of mobile sites and then mobile applications to reach a wider audience.

The online sellers have reached almost every possible customer on this planet. So what's next?

Its user experience, it holds important place for every online seller. With the introduction of AI technology in ecommerce users are going to experience a whole new era.

Amazon on the top of the list holds the title powerfully and carefully to maintain its position. While to dethrone and rise other companies are working to provide store-like user experience better than Amazon and the user experience can be improved by AI.

Why AI in ecommerce?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionizes the users' experience of shopping online where the users are recommended products upon your search. Voice search, image search and chat with the AI to give you a store like experience will mark the beginning of online-in store shopping. Chatting with AI will be like specifying your search to the shopkeeper.

Adopting AI technology to improve personalized user experience always proved beneficial to online sellers. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said in a recent report that personalization strategies implemented by retailers have brought sales gains of around 6-10 %; the rate doubles or triples the companies that haven't implemented the strategy. While Accenture make a long term prediction that such technology will bring 59 % profitability to the wholesale and retail industries by the year 2035.

Business Insider premium research service, BI Intelligence has made a report to illustrate the fields in ecommerce where AI can make its entry. The report further focuses on the various challenges that will faced by the online sellers while embedding such technology in their systems. Finally the consequences that will be faced by implementing AI technologies in the organization are mentioned. A broad perspective is presented.

Some of the noteworthy points shared from the report include:

The upcoming companies can also make the most from the situation where by implementing AI oriented technology they could enter the ecommerce giants follow up. By developing AI modified websites, applications and customized products better product search and customer service can be offered.

The best part of this development will be that the users are going to experience something really new. The experience of shopping in a store and in your mobile handset or computer will more or less be the same. Customizing your search won't be same you just need to say and just as a retailer does the AI will give you your search specified products.

The AI offers a lot similarly there is a lot to be done to bring the technology to use. The technology will demand du l?ch b?c kinh complete transformations in the older organizations systems to adapt to the new changes. The change is tremendous and preparations will have to be initiated now.

The essential point is that the companies may be ready to accept these new changes but the technology is really different and new which may require them to partner with other third party companies offering the services. These limitations of the ecommerce companies have led to the rise of AI developers market where these developers are offering their services at effective costs in transforming the organization and thus customer's experience.

Wrapping up:

AI is a new technology that is going to hit the markets very soon. With tech giants as Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft and Apple already finalizing their research upon AI, it can be expected that the services will be rolled out soon.

Coming to the ecommerce sector AI promises to overhaul user experience but its adoption and implementation with customizations to meet the standards can be tricky. We can expect a lot to come.

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