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The Trans Siberian Orchestra was founded in 1996 in Lakeland Florida

por Mckinley Rojas (2020-04-12)

Heavy lights, mass multimedia and beautiful Christmas themed songs, what else you want from a band like Trans-Siberian Orchestra to fill you winter holiday pot with such memories that remain fresh till the next Christmas Eve arrives. TSO delivers you the songs that are wonder combination of rock and classical music and most of their music is based on the Christmas theme and their first album "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" released in 1996 is still their best selling album. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is known for having two concurrent touring groups, TSO East and TSO West and their last year tour b?c kinh th??ng h?i was witnessed by more than 1.2 million fans with ticket sales exceeding 45 million dollars . TSO is currently on its 2010 US tour b?c kinh th??ng h?i giá r?.
Trans-Siberian Orchestra during its 15 years of musical career has sold more than 7 million albums and their recent album "Night Castle" was certified gold as well. TSO concerts are more than just a live act and they are the best holiday season entertainers. On a day very next day to Christmas, one TSO group will arrive at the Times Union Center, Albany, NY on December 26 to perform two concerts at 2:30pm and 7:30pm while the other will perform two shows at Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI on the same day. Most of the cities routed for the TSO annual tour b?c kinh th??ng h?i giá r? would host two shows in a day and this is how TSO accommodates the overwhelmed demand for the Christmas rock band. Two Trans-Siberian Orchestra touring groups will visit cities including St. Paul, Columbus, Grand Rapids, Kansas City Detroit and St. Louis where they will perform their last concert of 2010 on December 30. Trans-Siberian Orchestra concerts are highly anticipated by the local charitable organizations of the city where TSO performs as they get a reasonable amount of share from the TSO ticket sales. do not wait buy Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets for the coming show as soon as possible.
TSO band announced in July 2010 that they are planning for a new studio album, though nothing has been revealed afterwards but Paul O'Neill, the mastermind founder and producer of TSO recently revealed the band's ongoing work on two projects. Neill who is blessed with a mind full of rock opera ideas is currently working on a latest rock opera titled "Romanov: What Kings Must Whisper" based on the Russia's Bolshevik Revolution in 1918. Another project is the Neil's 1989 album for the group Savatage with whom he worked in past, and now he is rewriting it the TSO's composer and vocalist Jon Oliva.
Trans-Siberian Orchestra has always been the best selling Christmas band and according to the recent iTunes updates Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Xmas songs are also one of the most favorite seasonal downloaded songs.

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