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Learn About Walking Dead Season 2

por Debbra Hobbs (2020-10-26)

On Halloween night 2010, a new show came on the air on AMC.
It was called The Walking Dead. This show was based on a popular underground comic book of the same name. The walking the dead series follows a group of survivors Death of Cleopatra the zombie apocalypse. The first season was just 6 episodes long, but it was so popular that it was picked up for a second season. The walking dead season 2 started in October of 2011.

It was a split season that had the first 6 episodes running in the fall, and the last episodes of the season running in the late winter and early spring of 2012. A third season has already been ordered by the network to air beginning in October of 2012.

The AMC the walking Dead or Alive 5 season 2 picks up where the 1st season lefts off, with the destruction of the CDC and their hopes.

The group, under the direction of Rick, decide that they should make their way to Fort Benning in hopes of fining a new, safe place to live. They hope that the military has been able to establish a safe heaven from the Walkers, dead man walking brent which is what the zombies are called in this show.
Unfortunately for this intrepid group of survivors, it isn't that easy.

Some of the obstacles that cause the group troubles include traffic jams and large groups of Walkers. Their travel is also slowed down by their vehicles breaking down. At one point, while they are dealing with car troubles, they are overrun by a herd of Walkers.

The group hides, while remaining silent so that they don't attract the attention of the shambling horde. The problem is that one of the survivors, a young girl gets frightened and runs into the woods. Rick and Darryl, one a sheriff and the other a hunter, run off into the woods to find her.

Rick finds her, but she has attracted the attention of a Walker.

Rick tells her to hide, but she runs away, and gets very lost. The next day the group continues their search, but another child gets injured by a person in the woods. In trying to save the child's life, they find a temporary safe haven. The first part of the walking dead season 2 deals primarily with continuing search for the young girl from the safe base that group has found.

However, another problem that arises is the group's inner tension. Two very strong personalities argue about how the group is to be led, and it starts tearing the group apart.

From the outside, the man who owns the farm where they have been sheltering wants them to leave. This ends up in an explosive mid-season finale. The second half of walking the dead has been very dark, and increasingly deals with what the identity of the group is, and how will the people be able to live with their immediate future, as well as their long-term future.

There are many things that will keep grabbing the viewers' attention.

Clinton Douglas IV, writes about the Show .

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