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RICHARD KAY: Prince William's proves he's a world away from Harry 

por Laurene Clegg (2020-10-10)

So many of his speeches are worthy, innocuous and a teeny bit predictable.

They have to be. But today it is different. 

For a brief moment Prince William steps out of his royal role and abandons the instinctive caution that usually colours his pronouncements, to show that his passion for preserving the planet is matched by his pragmatism. 

His intervention with the establishment of an elaborately funded and ambitious Nobel-style international prize to recognise the ideas and technologies that may safeguard all our futures, does not just mark his emergence as a major player on the global environmental stage. 

It also demonstrates that he has grasped the immense influence he exerts. 

And in an instant it serves to dramatically highlight the chasm between his ideas and approach and those of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge alongside their children George, Charlotte and Louis in the gardens of Kensington Palace after attending an outdoor screening of Sir David Attenborough's upcoming feature film

From California, the Sussexes (pictured) risked compromising the impartiality of the Royal Family with their bizarre claims that the scale of the health crisis had been exaggerated by the media