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Requirements For Your Business Telephone System

por Ross Araujo (2020-11-10)

Your business telephone system will play a crucial role within your company.
It not only connects you to your customers, it connects members of your team to each other, be it in the same department or to different ends of the country. No matter what size your business is, you will certainly need a reliable and superior phone system to keep you running.

When you are looking for 12017001 a business telephone system, there will be certain features and requirements that you will need to consider.

The importance of each will vary depending on your company and how it runs.


There are so many features which are now available for a phone system. Voicemail, forwarding, speed dial and hold music are basic features which are found in most devices.
You will need to consider your needs for the phone call, right from a customer dialing your number to when you hang up at the end of a call. Do you want to have the option for extensions when the customer first calls? Will you want to record a promotional message while they are on hold?

Will you require a Find Me Follow Me feature?

If you are choosing a new phone system, you should take a survey of your current phone system, and see how well it work for you. Then, look at the ideal procedure you want to implement with your phone, you will be able to whittle down your key requirements.


You will need to decide whether you want an on-premises PBX or a virtualised PBX. If you want to control the phone system from your offices, then you will need to opt for an on-premises hosting system. Even though it has a higher initial set up cost, monthly costs are lower.

Although, you will need to manage the system yourselves so any problems will need to be fixed in-house, which can be difficult, and subsequently costly if you require a professional.

A hosted telephone system tends to be preferred by businesses as the external provider manages the maintenance and the set-up of the phone system.

It also makes any future expansion easier, relieving you of any worries or concerns if your business were to grow.


As with any business decision, the cost of various phone systems will vary.
Costs involved will include handset costs, the setup and installation, monthly running costs, and if you opt for it, a maintenance package. It is highly recommended that maintenance packages are considered for a business. As with insurance, it's better to be safe than sorry.


It is vital that your phone system works effectively for not only your business but the customer too. If you constantly leave people on hold or only deal with customers via an online portal, either via emails or social media, it can cause problems.
If one of your customers does have an issue, their frustration has already begun. You don't want it to be made worse by this not being able to be resolved efficiently.

Being able to speak to a human being shouldn't be overlooked. Therefore, you need to ensure you employ this practice in your company and make sure you do a good job of it with an outstanding phone system.

A well thought out phone system will greatly benefit your business. It can allow for flexible working, effective communication, and a future for your company. Considering these points, does your company need a new phone system?

Take a look at to see examples of the kinds of systems that are available on the market.