Settlement, border and desert: the configuration of a regional space in the center-north of the Septentrión novohispano

Sara Ortelli


The establishment of the jurisdictional limits of the present Mexican states throughout century XIX separated spaces that, during the colonial period, had been articulated, but that at the independent time happened to comprise different organizations. This work approaches the process of construction of a regional space whose  articulation consolidated in the course of century XVIIII in the center-north of the Septentrión novohispano and that comprised part of the province of the New Biscay. Analysis privileges some variables, among which are the characteristics of process of  settlement as well as the perception of Spaniards of the border and desert, which at the same time demarcated the controlled spaces and those that were outside the control of the colonial society, and also the form in which these variables influenced in the process of regional configuration


Territoriality; Patagonia; Mapuche-Tehuelche memories; Geography of actions.

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ISSN: 1984-3356