The Postgraduate Program from our University consists of a Master Degree Law (LLM). It is focused in the field of research of Business Law and is dedicated to professionals and researchers who wish to improve their knowledge in juridical issues, to continue their legal education, as well as, those who would like to become professors.

The curriculum, approved by the Deliberation N.25/2010, lasts a maximum of two years (four semesters) and enable the research in the following fields:

-Business relations in Private Law;
-Access to Justice: solution of conflicts related to public or private juridical business, on matters of individual and transindividual interests;
-Contemporary State: Enterprises’ Relations and International Relations.


The master degree course in Business Law approves in its annually selection process 20 students. These, together with the Faculty, have demonstrated proudly dedication and results in the juridical sphere. These characteristics denote the commitment with the public responsibility to return to the community academicals researchers who work in many professional areas.

In 2010, the Program celebrated 30 years, with an intense activity. This conquest was and is possible due to the full time and part time professors, in special to the former coordinators: NELY LOPES CASALI, JUSSARA SUZI ASSIS BORGES NASSER FERREIRA, MARIA DE FÁTIMA RIBEIRO and LUIZ FERNANDO BELINETTI.

Our main aim is to keep the high quality of work develop by our former coordinators, the commitment to maintain a rich juridical community and the building of a Doctoral Program, iniciated by the professor Luiz Fernando Belinetti.


 Admission Procedure

Regular Admission

The admission procedure is regulated by the Organizing Committee, according to rules elaborated by the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies (PROPG). It consists in three tests: An analysis of the dissertation research; A written test; followed by an Interview and Analysis of the curriculum. All these tests are classificatory and eliminatory. It should be mentioned that the Organization Committee shall include or exclude any of the tests mentioned.

Admission for Special Students

There are limited places for special students, for those who wish to continue their legal education without pursuing a degree. Applications are going to be available at the beginning and at the middle of every year.

We inform to potential applicants that the admission for special students should obey the rules elaborated by the PRO-PPG and, that the criteria for selection is going to be based on curriculum analysis, according to the Test Score established in the Curriculum Analysis Table. The rules are available at:

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