Offered Courses

The classes are held in the afternoon, from 14h to 18h.

2NIC165 – The image in Print Media – 4cr 60h

The power of the image and its use – historical and ideological – through media is focused to deepen the discussion about the photography in print media. The photograph is, on the other hand, approached as a instrument to form opinion. The studies in this subject are complemented with analysis of productions and propagation of ideologies through photography, including prominent cases in contemporary photojournalism. Analyzes and evaluates social impact of the use of photographs in printed midia.


2NIC265 – Visual Anthropology – 4cr 60h

Processes of human communication and its link with images taken as cultural events are discussed in this course. It encourages the students to associate iconographic constructions in the imagination and the changes in the contemporary subject perception. Is included, in this perspective, the urban and photographic image approaches. The course takes as its reference point the production of images in the new technologies context, without abandoning traditional methods. Visual anthropology is used as the main analytical tool.


2NIC168 – Semiotic Bases of Visuality – 4cr 60h (obligatory)

Discusses the different possibilities that visuality prints on the communication process. Unfolds the links of visuality, cognition and language. It also aims to support the analytical approaches of semiotic study supported by the following concepts: the axis of the paradigm and syntagm; diagrammatic reasoning; seeing as a requirement of understanding; image and information.


2NIC268 – Cinema and Language – 4cr 60h

Introduction to theories of cinema. Key elements of film language. Semiotics applied to the cinema. Auteur cinema, experimental film, documentary and narrative film. The cinema as an object of social sciences, history and philosophy. Film analysis methods and film criticism.


2NIC273- Cinema and Memory – 4cr 60h

The film as a possibility for reconstruction of historical memory from the uniqueness of experiences. The film narrative in connection with the act of memory retrieval. The cinema as a place of reflection and questioning the concept of memory in a political and aesthetic perspective.


2NIC261 – Communication and Social Imagination – 4cr 60h  (obligatory)

Imagination and social imagination. Practices and representations from the perspective of cultural history. Social construction of reality. Images, social roles and masks in everyday life. Image, distinction and symbolic power. Contemporary mythologies in the spectacle society.


2NIC262 – Visual Design and Communication – 4cr 60h

Design and meaning: relationship between subject, image and through the construction of representation for attribution of meaning. Adequacy of visual communication to value and use. Image and identity. Production, integration and image management: uses and impacts of the image on material and non-material supports.


2NIC266 – Photography Aesthetic – 4cr 60h

Historical and philosophical aspects of aesthetics. The route of aesthetic and its relationship with photography. Photographic poetics. Aesthetics in Latin American photography.


2NIC173 – Photography and Memory – 4cr 60h

Photography, memory and history. Photography as a research tool (historical). The role and importance of photography in the iconographic rescue representations and perceptions of the world. Photography and society. The importance of photographic documents to the rescue and preservation of history.


2NIC176 – History, Media and Image – 4cr 60h

The discipline seeks to establish the value and the historical image meaning in human communication activity as well as the historical context of the established image paradigm. Addresses analytically the development of imagistic language in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in order to provide subsidies for the understanding of contemporary imagery processes. The image is focused as cognitive and symbolic process in contemporary society by integrating social practices and representations in the media iconography.


2NIC274 – History and Visual Culture in Contemporary Narratives – 4cr 60h

Historiography elements for visualities analysis in the media. Content and form in the representation of contemporary visual culture. Research methods of media phenomena in perspective (social) historiographical use of the image. The newspaper as a data source and object of research in visual culture. Critical contextualization, analysis and representation of social processes through image.


2NIC282 – Political Economy of audio-visual – 4cr 60h

Concepts and methods of the political economy of information, communication and culture. The monopolization of the international Movie and TV Industry. Legislation and state policies of Movie  and Television. Brazilian Cinematographic, Television and audio-visual industries. The audiovisual industry and digital technology.


2NIC271 – Graphic Humor and Social Processes – 4cr 60h

It presents the modalities of graphic humor: comics, caricature, cartoon and charge, and give maps the treatment of these forms in the representation of Brazilian society. Correlations are made between subjects such as the presence of graphic humor in contemporary media, humor and politics, graphic humor and hegemonies dispute. Ideology, narrative, political culture and social processes are seen through its expression in graphic humor.


2NIC269 – Image and consumption – 4cr 60h

The course studies the concepts of consumption and its route of sociological insight into the anthropological conception. Establishes connections between image civilization and consumer society to articulate aesthetic concepts of the goods, rhetoric image and strategy of desire. Highlights the consumption of images resulting from the spectacle society.


2NIC267 – Image in media culture – 4cr 60h

The course covers the diversity and complexity of image concepts. Among the aspects to be highlighted are: the image as a double culture, its archeology and semiotic mutations. It also addresses the relationship between image, media and culture, observing mutual interference between these three elements. The construction of the civilization of looking for media culture, in addition to the simulation processes in contemporary culture will likewise be studied.


2NIC180 – Iconographic Languages ​​and Media -4cr 60h

The modalities of the iconographic languages: comics, caricature, cartoon and charge. Comics as mass communication. The presence of iconographic languages ​​in contemporary media. The language iconographic discourse in its materiality.


2NIC270 – Language and Genres of Television -4cr 60h

Studies the imagery discourse of television, how it projects itself in the language and the characteristics of television genres, and their role in the appointment of public opinion in contemporary society.


2NIC272 – Scientific Research Methodology in Media and Visuality – 4cr 60h

It presents the methods and analysis techniques and scientific research procedure for application into media studies, contextualized in the visual field. They are considered the historical main theories and efficient methods for the area of ​​communication, and the relevant issues to the development of the research project, in order to turn it into scientific text.


2NIC174 – Special Topics in Visual Communication – 4cr 60h

Open and variable subject, in order to deepen specific issues aimed at addressing new trends and update the program area of ​​concentration.


2NIC170 – Image Theories – 4cr 60h

The image as a double in human culture, according to a historical-philosophical view. The place of the image in the aesthetics. Technical images and their new social and cultural implications. Semiotic perspective to approach the image. Image and its relationship with the concept of mimesis. The diversity of media supports and its implications for a reinterpretation about the role of the image in contemporary culture. The image as a constituent element of spectacle processes and the construction of simulacrum.


2NIC185 – Tutorship in Undergraduation – 2cr 30h (mandatory only for scholarship students)

Participation in graduation classes, training of scientific initiation interns and other related activities at the discretion and monitoring of the Coordinating Committee of the Programme, with the supervision of the coordinator and the presence of a teacher responsible for discipline.


2NIC181 – Dissertation – 10cr 150h

Theme delimitation and methodology, contact with advisor, literature research, reading and book reports.


2NIC182 – Dissertation II – 10cr 150h

Theoretical and methodological deepening, literature review and beginning of the research development.


2NIC183 – Dissertation III – 10cr 150h

Elaboration of the theoretical, methodological application, research development, validation and structuration of the chapters.


2NIC184 – Dissertation IV – 10cr 150h

Completion of research, writing the first version of the dissertation, qualifying examination, adjustments and final draft of the dissertation, filing and public defense of the dissertation.