Research Branches




Related area: Electronic Systems

This branch of research on processing and conversion of energy is developed from two approaches on electronic systems:

a) Energy Processing

b) Energy Conversion



Related area: Electronic Systems

The research line Modeling, Simulation and Implementation of Systems develops from different approaches in electronic systems:

a) Telecommunication systems and data communication.

b) Automation, Industrial Instrumentation, Control and Robotics.

c) Signal Processing applied;

MSI - Telecommunications: New methods in communication systems, including optical systems, wireless; proof-of-concept in communication and applied signal processing techniques; diversity methods; resources allocation (RA)  in communication networks; spread spectrum communications (SS) and orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA); mathematical modeling of communications systems. Data transmission, network protocols, architecture, topology and security of networks, wireless networks, traffic engineering, local area networks, broadband networks, multimedia applications in networks and information systems in networks.

MSI - Automation, Industrial Instrumentation, Control and Robotics. Various measuring systems. Robotics and remote navigation systems. Development of more accurate agro-meteorological monitoring systems, remote and competitive operation. Development of portable instruments for: a) quantification of physicochemical substances in solid, liquid and gaseous media; b) new standards for the detection of adulteration in milk and milk products; c) vibration monitoring system in transmission lines (LTs) to assist in the predictive maintenance of electrical systems.

PCE - Power processing: New methodologies applicable to the planning and optimized operation of the electrical systems, power flow for transmission and distribution systems, contingency and reliability analysis of the electrical networks, impact of distributed generation on power grids, technologies intelligent (Smart Grid) active conditioners for increasing the quality of energy and use of renewable sources

PCE - Energy conversion: Development of new control techniques and activation of electric machines to increase their static and dynamic performances. Within the context of the rational use of energy are involved aspects related to product technology, productive processes, predictive maintenance and rational use of natural resources. Regarding the use of renewable energy sources, this line of research also seeks the study and application of new techniques and methods aimed at exploiting the maximum power / efficiency of the systems involving the generation of energy from renewable sources.