English Proficiency





Name: Associate Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering UEL / UTFPR-CP Course Objectives / Profile of the professional to be formed:

• To train professionals in Electrical Engineering and related areas to act as researchers, highly qualified professionals and teachers in public and private institutions in the area of ​​Electrical Engineering;

• Contribute to regional and national technological development and innovation in the area of ​​Electrical Engineering.


1,620 hours, corresponding to 108 credits for that student enrolled at UEL Headquarters or 40 credits for students enrolled at UTFPRQCP Headquarters, distributed as follows:

a) 36 credits in disciplines: 15 must be related to the disciplines of the mandatory core and 21 cr referring to the disciplines of the complementary nucleus;

b) 04 credits in undergraduate teaching;

c) 68 credits in Thesis for students enrolled at UEL headquarters or 1020 hours related to thesis activities for students enrolled at UTFPR-CP.

It should be noted that according to the UTFPR regimental norms, credits can not be attributed to Thesis activities for Ph.D. students enrolled in that HEI. However, this Proposal ensures the equivalence in terms of the hours of the Thesis activities (total 1020 hours) in both venues.

For the purpose of validation and equivalence, courses will be considered by the candidate in Post-Graduation Programs in Eng. IV and related areas, recognized by CAPES. In case the candidate has completed the Master's degree in PPG-EE-UEL or PPG-EE-UTFPR-CP in the last five years, credits will be accepted for the PhD. Note that the amount of credits required in both Master's Programs in Electrical Engineering (UEL and UTFPR-CP) is similar.

The validation of credits in the scope of the Associated Doctorate Program in Electrical Engineering of UEL / UTFPR-CP may occur for both the compulsory core disciplines and those of the complementary core, respecting the maximum limit of 50% of the number of credits in required disciplines ( 36 cr). Thus, as long as approved by the Program Coordinating Committee, credits may be awarded in subjects taught in the Masters in Electrical Engineering of one of the Venues or other postgraduate Programs stricto sensu with national validity up to a maximum limit of 18 credits.

Additionally, for the purpose of taking advantage of credits in activities, up to 25% of credits may be validated in disciplines of the complementary core of the PhD program, through the use of credits in the categories described below. These credits will be counted in the disciplines SPECIAL ACTIVITIES I and II:

I. Scientific Article (dissemination referring to the topic of thesis). The student must appear as the first author, have published or have been accepted for publication - during the period of the course - in a periodical registered in the Qualis-CAPES System, area Eng-IV, with classification:

a) Periodic A1 or A2: three credits per article accepted, being the maximum use of six credits for the PhD course;

b) Periodic B1-Qualis CAPES: two credits per article accepted, being the maximum use of six credits for the PhD cours;

c) Periodic B2: one credit per accepted article, being the maximum use of a credit for the doctorate course.

II. Presentation of works in events of scientific nature of international scope, carried out in Brazil or abroad that characterize dissemination of thesis work with publication in annals, one credit per event, with the maximum use of two credits for the PhD course.

III. Stages of scientific cooperation, tasks or specific studies in other research and teaching institutions, proposed by the supervisor and through proof of achievement, aiming at the complementary training of the student; maximum use of a credit for the Doctorate


TESE: 68 cr

OTHER: 4 cr

PERIODICITY OF ADMISSION: Twice a year (Semester)

VACANCIES BY SELECTION: up to 12 new PhD students per year, ideally 50% of the vacancies allocated to the UEL headquarters and 50% to the UTFPR-CP headquarters


From the 2019/02, Admission Process (second half of 2019), Certificate of English Proficiency will be required upon entry of the candidate into the Program. Hence, a certificate of proficiency in a foreign language (English) must be presented by the candidate at the first application to the Program. The following examinations with respective minimal scores, obtained in the last two years by the candidate/student, will be accepted:

Accepted    Exams                                                      min. Score

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language (ITP-Level 1) ...... 510 points

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language (PAPER) ...... .. ....520 points

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language (CBT) ............ ... ..180 points

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language (IBT) ............... .. ... 62 points

TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication ............... 650 points

IELTS - International English Language Testing System .................. 5,0

Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English) ........................... .. ..... B1

Cambridge CAE (Certificate in Advanced English from ESOL) ... ..... B1

Cambridge CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English from ESOL) ... B1

Note: 1. at the discretion of the Coordinating Committee, at the time of the selection of candidates, proof of proficiency in English must be applied.