The Pro-Rectory of Research and Post-Graduation (PROPPG) is responsible for the articulation and management of research and post-graduation activities at UEL. For the fulfillment of its aims, PROPPG comprises a Directory of Research, a Directory of Post-Graduation and an auxiliary unit, – the Researchers’ Support Office, aimed at providing aid to researchers in seek for funding. PROPPG manages a variety of institutional programs for the development of research and post-graduation, encourages research in multiuse laboratories, guides the process of revalidating foreign diplomas and amplifies UEL’s international insertion. Additionally, it also supports scientific journals such as Semina and the Committees of Ethics in Research, both in Humans and in Animals.


Post-Graduation modalities provided at UEL include Lato Sensu (Specializations, Residencies) and Stricto Sensu (Masters, Doctorate, Post-Doctorate). Furthermore, a wide variety of research projects are developed in all research fields, linked to UEL’s professors and hundreds of research groups officially recognized by CNPq (the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development).


UEL comprises more than 250 research laboratories which also host and support scientific research, post-graduation and teaching. Most of them are directly connected to the study centres and departments, while others are part of the Multiusers Central of Research Laboratories (CMLP).  The CMLP offers a centralized infrastructure with large equipments intended for shared use. Laboratories which are part of CMLP are:

  • LAPA – Laboratory of Agricultural Research Support
  • LAMM – Laboratory of Material and Molecular Analysis
  • LMEM – Laboratory of Electronic Microscopy and Microanalysis
  • LABESC – Postgraduate School Laboratory
  • ESPEC – Laboratory of Spectrosopy
  • LARX – Laboratory of X-Ray Technique Analysis