Computer Science

Computer Science

Degree: Masters



The program’s main objective is to qualify human resources for teaching, researching and developing the field of Computer Science.

The Computer Science professional can work as a problem solver in the position of researcher and/or professor, contributing in the formalization of a problem, proposing methods and computer techniques  to solve a problem, and in the utilization, development or proposal of innovative technologies.


  •  Adilson Luiz Bonifácio | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  •  Alan Salvany Felinto  | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  •  Bruno Bogaz Zarpelão  | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  • Cinthyan Renata Sachs Camerlengo de Barbosa  | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  • Daniel dos Santos Kaster  | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  •  Evandro Baccarin  | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  • Jacques Duílio Brancher  | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  •  Mario Lemes Proença Junior  | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  • Rodolfo Miranda de Barros  | CV-Lattes | Orcid 
  • Sylvio Barbon Junior  | CV-Lattes | Orcid