Student Life

Nearly 50 years old, the State University of Londrina brings together a community of around 24,000 people (nearly 5,000 faculty and staff and 19,000 undergraduate and graduate students). If UEL was one of the 399 municipalities of Paraná state, it would be more populous than 321 of them.

An institution of this size offers a range of services to ensure comfort, security, tranquility and the resources needed to fulfill its mission and enable students, faculty and staff to live in a democratic, organized and functional space, and to carry out their academic and administrative activities in an environment concerned with the full exercise of citizenship.

Among the services available, many are also open to the external community, such as bank branches, the University Restaurant, cafeterias, libraries, bookstores, laboratories, museums, xerographic services, Radio and TV programming, clinics, and cultural spaces.

Specifically for the internal community, UEL offers Student Housing, agreements with health professionals and laboratories, outpatient care, social-family support programs and health care, education and prevention, occupational medicine and prevention of drug use, among others.

In the political dimension, students count on the Academic Centers of the undergraduate courses, Students Central Directory and representation in the three Superior Councils, the highest organs of the institution.