Arts & Culture

UEL has always treated cultural issues as a right, considering that cultural goods and art, in their various forms of expression, comprise identity processes, through which individuals, in addition to the enjoyment of aesthetic values, recognize shared values, resignify its material and symbolic goods, reinvent traditions, build their individual and collective identities; in short, become citizens.

For this reason, since its foundation, UEL has had in its structure a body to take care of cultural affairs in order to contribute to the development of the city and to enhance actions that contributed to Londrina becoming a cultural pole.

To this purpose, UEL is responsible for the maintenance of several landmarks throughout the city. Among others, they include the traditional Londrina Historical Museum, the elegant University Theatre and the Cultural Center, the latter of which is a promoter of cultural activities (fine arts, music, cinema and theatre). Londrina is one of the few non-state capitals in Brazil to host a Symphonic Orchestra – UEL Orchestra.

The city also hosts two traditional yearly festivals: the International Music Festival and the International Theatre Festival. Many fine arts exhibitions are displayed throughout the year and our own movie theather (Com-Tour) shows alternative films as an option outside of the commercially-minded film programs.