Degree: Masters an Doctorate (PhD)                  



Fields of research


  • Biomolecules and biopolymers of industrial interest: Production, extraction, purification, characterization and application of biomolecules and biopolymers.
  • Biochemistry of microorganisms: Production and characterization of enzymes, primary and secondary metabolites. Monitoring and controlling toxins and xenobiotics.
  • Biotechnology of microorganisms and plants: Study and appliance of biological processes by microorganisms and plants. Use of approaches of Molecular biology (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics) and bioinformatics for Biotechnology. Development of immunological methods to direct detection of pathogens and toxins.





  • Prof. Dr. André Luiz Martinez de Oliveira ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Prof. Dr. Cesar Augusto Tischer ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa. Dra. Daniele Sartori ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Prof. Dr. Doumit Camilios Neto ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa. Dra. Elisabete Yurie Sataque Ono ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa. Dra. Francismar Corrêa Marcelino Guimarães ( | CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa. Dra. Josiane Alessandra Vignoli ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa. Dra. Mariângela Hungria da Cunha ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa. Dra. Maria Antonia Pedrine Colabone Celligoi  ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa.Dra. Maria Inês Rezende ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa. Dra. Sandra Regina Georgetti ( CV- Lattes | Orcid
  • Profa. Dra. Suzana Mali de Oliveira ( CV- Lattes | Orcid