Archictecture and Urban Studies

Archictecture and Urban Studies – Associated Program UEL-UEM

Degree: Masters  and Doctorate (PhD)                                     

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The objective of the program is to develop and increase knowledge on ways to perceive, intervene, generate and inhabit buildings, cities and landscapes, considering:

  • Sistematization of the process of conception and development of ideas;
  • Assessment concerning the fullfilment of these ideas and performance of the edifications;
  • Measurement of human behavior in spaces;
  • Understanding of diferent contexts (social, cultural, political and economic) in the production of spaces.

Fields of research

  • References of projects: history, models and ideas
  • Assessment of subsidies for projects: process and product



Adson C. Bozzi Ramatis Lima (UEM) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

André Augusto de Almeida Alves (UEM) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Beatriz Fleury e Silva (UEM) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

César Imai (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Ercília Hitomi Hirota (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Gislaine Elizete Beloto (UEM) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Jorge Daniel de Melo Moura (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Juliana Suzuki (UFPR) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Karin Schwabe Meneguetti (UEM) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Maurício Hidemi Azuma (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Mariana Ragassi Urbano  (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Marieli Azoia Lukiantchuki (UEM) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Milena Kanashiro (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Renato Leão Rego (UEM) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Ricardo Dias Silva (UEM) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Rovenir Bertola Duarte (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Sidnei Junior Guadanhim (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Humberto Tetsuya Yamaki (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid

Vera Suguihiro (UEL) | CV-Lattes | Orcid