The State University of Londrina (UEL) was founded in 1970 and officially recognized as a state funded university in 1971, as a result of the merge of the existing colleges of Languages, Law, Philosophy, and Dentistry. Its location was defined to a 235 hectares campus, just outside of the city center.

Starting to build UEL (Photo: Archives/UEL)


Repercussions of the 1971 project, in 1974.
(Photo: Archives/UEL)


Consolidation of the 1971 project, in 1997.
(Photo: Archives/UEL)

(Photo: Archives/UEL)


Construction of the University’s Dean Office at the campus. (Photo: Archives/UEL)


University Hospital in 1975 (Photo: Archives/UEL) Since this year the University Hospital is located across town, near the airport, in a different location than the main campus.


UEL against the dictatorship (Photo: Archives/UEL)


Faculty and staff assembly (Photo: Archives/UEL)


Assembly of Professors (Photo: Archives/UEL)


Vestibular (Photo: Archives/UEL)



UEL’s mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge, by educating citizens and professionals in various academic fields within the ethical values of freedom, equality, and social justice. The University has grown considerably, and is currently considered one of the 5 top ranked state Universities of the country.


Ensino Superior: UEL abre prazo para pedido de isenção da taxa do ...










One of the entrances to the campus in 2019 (Photo: Internet)




UEL retoma calendário acadêmico com aulas 100% não presenciais

Central Library (Photo: Internet)


Part of the campus, aerial view  (Photo: Internet). Centers of Communication and Arts (left), Applied Social Sciences (center) and Linguistics and Human Sciences top-right),



Agência UEL de Notícias - Universidade Estadual de Londrina

Council Room (Photo: Internet)


UEL terá provas em Curitiba e Cascavel para vestibular 2020

Classroom (Photo: Internet)



48 anos do HU: na luta pela saúde

University Hospital in 2019 (Photo: Internet)


After nearly 50 years of teaching, research and outreach, UEL strives to fulfill its role to create opportunities and provide high-level human resources to many different fields.

(Photo: Archives/UEL)