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The Genetics and Animal Ecology Lab (LAGEA) is part of the General Biology Department at State University of Londrina ( UEL). We have performed studies focused on biodiversity and conservation, studying animal genetic diversity, bees and wasp ecology, and conservation of aquatic organisms with an emphasis in Neotropical fishes. Currently, many undergraduate and graduate students are developing their studies aiming a better understanding and conservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and the biodiversity of aquatic vertebrates.

Our Lab keeps strong partnerships with other UEL's Laboratories, specially: i) Animal Ecophysiology Laboratory (LEFA), with applied studies in environmental monitoring based on genetic biomarkers; ii) Fish Ecology and Biological Invasions Laboratory (LEPIB), acting mainly with management of fish populations; iii) Zoology Museum of State University of Londrina (MZUEL). In particular, this partnership with MZUEL, develops projects focused on the knowledge of freshwater fishes; iv) Laboratory of Ecology and Animal Behavior (LECA), which develops projects with small mammals; v) Aquatic Invertebrates and Symbionts Laboratory (LIAS), which has research interests in freshwater crustaceans and decapod crustaceans.

LAGEA also keeps important associations with Laboratories from other Universities such as the Lab of Behavioural Ecology of Bees (LECA) from Federal University of Uberlandia; Genetics and Conservation Lab (GECON) at State University of Northern Paraná; the Lab for Ecology and Conservation of Marine Mammals and Reptiles (LEC) from Federal University of Paraná; Bee Ecology Laboratory (LEA) from Federal University of Maranhão, the Environmental Sciences Laboratory (LCA) from North Fluminense State University Darcy Ribeiro; and the Ecohydraulics and Hydrobiology Laboratory (LATECH) from State University of Western Paraná.

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We are always willing to establish new contacts and collaborations. You can find and follow our publication updates at ResearchGate. We'll be happy in share some of our results and expertise. See the our team page and get the ResearchGate and CNPq (curriculum Lattes) profile from us all.

If you are looking for something else, please contact us. We'll be glad in hear you.


The bees are disappearing!

Associate Professor Silvia H. Sofia talks about the sharp decrease of bees population and its consequences for biodiversity and food production. Video

See an interview given to the radio station “UEL” (part 1 and 2) about this theme…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Knowledge and applicability!

Adjunct Professor Fernanda Simões de Almeida coordinates a study with focus on mapping of reproductive Neotropical fish hotspots, through molecular markers. This is a pioneer study to demonstrate molecular genetics as powerful tool in the study of Neotropical Ichthyoplankton. See more.
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