Research areas

Networking: nowadays, networking services are essential for us. New paradigms like
Mobile Computing, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing bring new
possibilities of services to improve several aspects of our routine.
These advances in networking also impose great challenges related to
management and security. In REMID, we approach the following
networking research areas:

  • Information Security
  • Network Management
  • IT Service Management  

Text mining: a branch of Data Mining, this area aims to analyze semi-structured and unstructured data in order to retrieve relevant information, discover new concepts and analyze old and new standards. By applying techniques and creating new methods, it is necessary to transform text in vector numbers so that all the data become similar structures. Currently in REMID, the following techniques are being studied:

  • Weighing terms 
  • Pattern recognition in social network
  • Denoising in Text Mining
  • Data Mining Visualization (graphs)

Computer graphics: area intended to generate and analyze images in the form of data representation and information, with the goal of finding new pattern and creation of new processing techniques. Currently in REMID are applied using computer graphics in the following studies:

  • Pattern recognition of insects 
  • Beef Marbling Analysis
  • Analysis of external wounds