Internacional Symposium of Experimental Pathology

ISEP stands for "International Symposium of Experimental Pathology". This INTERNATIONAL event created by the postgraduate program of Experimental Pathology, brings together researchers from all over the world, with lectures, round tables and practical mini-courses and presentations of the participants work in banner and oral format. This event was created with the proposal of gathering quality content in the field of Experimental Pathology, bringing together renowned names in the areas of Immunology, Parasitology, General Pathology and even Microbiology, allowing the exchange of information from several researchers about what’s going on in the scientific world, enabling connections, ideas, partnerships and stimulating knowledge in a dynamic and international way.

  • I International Symposium of Experimental Pathology took place in 2016 with the presence of 196 participants.
  • II International Symposium of Experimental Pathology took place in 2017 with the presence of 266 participants.
  • III international Symposium of Experimental Pathology took place in 2019 with the presence of 287 participants.

In the 2021 edition, the ISEP IV will bring a new model due to the moment we are living in the midst of the pandemic. This will be the FIRST ISEP 100% ONLINE with the exchange of experiences of several researchers from all over the world!







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