Univ. Estadual de Londrina,UEL

Quantum computation and entanglement theory at UEL


Aviso - 01 Vaga Mestrado, 01 Vaga Doutorado - Inscricao aberta para 2012






      Quantum entanglement is an extremely interesting aspect of quantum systems that results in mind boggling consequences when measurements are made on the quantum system. Schrodinger was the first to point out this effect. We are involved in investigating theoretically bi-partite and multi-partite quantum entanglement in quantum systems that are likely candidates for quantum computation hardware.

      A given quantum system evolves into a well defined macroscopic state due to interaction with it's surroundings . This is the reason, we do not observe quantum effects in day to day life. The process responsible for this is termed quantum decoherence. There are several approaches to figure out the outcome  of system evolution in the presence of decoherence. A critical analysis of what happens to quantum systems, starting with specific initial conditions ( energy, temperature, interactions) , is also of interest to our group. The broad aim is to understand the time evolution of quantum systems and study controlled manipulation of quantum states.